Entries from Wilkie Rasmussen, ms dictionary in Pollex-Online

Language Item Description
Penrhyn P/ahe/ To deviate, detour, turn
Penrhyn Aahua Small islet
Penrhyn Ange Direction away from speaker and hearer
Penrhyn Angiangi Thin and light object, e.g. paper
Penrhyn Areare Hollow, empty, thin.
Penrhyn Areare Empty stomach
Penrhyn Raakau /ahi/ Sandalwood
Penrhyn Eti Husk a coconut with the teeth
Penrhyn Hingo Blow through the nose Problematic
Penrhyn Hakamata To begin
Penrhyn Hakaperepere To treasure, to belove ; to be favorite
Penrhyn Haaki Inform, tell, confess
Penrhyn Haaroa A fish of the Groper family ; white-mottled grouper (Epinephelus maculatus)
Penrhyn Haru Rummage around roughly looking for something
Penrhyn Haatitiri Thunder
Penrhyn Hatu An owner, the Lord
Penrhyn Haatua A belt; to put on as a belt
Penrhyn Hetuke Slate-pencil Urchin Heterocentrotus sp.
Penrhyn Herei Expose eyeball; show backside as gesture of contempt
Penrhyn Oriori To wander around . Problematic
Penrhyn Hure/i Masturbate
Penrhyn Ngahaa To be broken, as, for example, a coconut shell; to break, burst open ; broken, cracked
Penrhyn Karaponga Inside of throat, gullet
Penrhyn Kami/kami Opening and shutting movement of lips
Penrhyn Tuupito Pain in the stomach Problematic
Penrhyn Kootaha Female frigate-bird frigatebird
Penrhyn Koovare/vare Loose, as a rope, for example Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn Rairai Thin, as paper, for example Problematic
Penrhyn Ngaa/reperepe/ Torn or shredded
Penrhyn Matakite Careful, cautious
Penrhyn Ori/ori To wander around
Penrhyn O/ono/ To look at look, look after
Penrhyn Pakipaki Portuguese Man-of-war
Penrhyn Paatari/tari To lead, entice
Penrhyn Puuaaioio Whirlwind, tornado Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn Purotu Beautiful
Penrhyn Saka/saka Low in status and short in elevation
Penrhyn Sakuraa Swordfish ; Pacific blue marlin (Makaira mazara) and other marlin species
Penrhyn Saru Rush; lure fish in
Penrhyn Sasa Beat, thrash
Penrhyn Hee Err Problematic
Penrhyn Sii Gushing flow of water or blood or any other liquid ; to leak (of canoe), leak through a crack/hole
Penrhyn Sina A name often recited in legends ; a goddess; kind of small spider
Penrhyn Sisi Ray of sunlight
Penrhyn Songo Smell of urine
Penrhyn Suu Fart
Penrhyn Suru To insert ; to decorate; add-on decoration; long iron needle used for mending or adding decorational material to a basket, mat or hat
Penrhyn To/too Pull, drag, as a canoe, for example
Penrhyn Tootoo A hand net sometimes tied onto a long pole to scoop fish
Penrhyn Utunga Penalty, fine