Entries from Wilkie Rasmussen, ms dictionary in Pollex-Online

Language Item Description
Penrhyn P/ahe/ To deviate, detour, turn
Penrhyn Aahua Small islet
Penrhyn Ange Direction away from speaker and hearer
Penrhyn Angiangi Thin and light object, e.g. paper
Penrhyn Areare Hollow, empty, thin.
Penrhyn Raakau /ahi/ Sandalwood
Penrhyn Eti Husk a coconut with the teeth
Penrhyn Hingo Blow through the nose Problematic
Penrhyn Hakamata To begin
Penrhyn Hakaperepere To treasure, to belove ; to be favorite
Penrhyn Haaki Inform, tell, confess
Penrhyn Haaroa A fish of the Groper family ; white-mottled grouper (Epinephelus maculatus)
Penrhyn Haru Rummage around roughly looking for something
Penrhyn Haatitiri Thunder
Penrhyn Hatu An owner, the Lord
Penrhyn Haatua A belt; to put on as a belt
Penrhyn Hetuke Slate-pencil Urchin Heterocentrotus sp.
Penrhyn Herei Expose eyeball; show backside as gesture of contempt
Penrhyn Oriori To wander around . Problematic
Penrhyn Ngahaa To be broken, as, for example, a coconut shell; to break, burst open ; broken, cracked
Penrhyn Karaponga Inside of throat, gullet
Penrhyn Kami/kami Opening and shutting movement of lips
Penrhyn Tuupito Pain in the stomach Problematic
Penrhyn Kootaha Female frigate-bird frigatebird
Penrhyn Koovare/vare Loose, as a rope, for example Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn Rairai Thin, as paper, for example Problematic
Penrhyn Ngaa/reperepe/ Torn or shredded
Penrhyn Matakite Careful, cautious
Penrhyn O/ono/ To look at look, look after
Penrhyn Pakipaki Portuguese Man-of-war
Penrhyn Paatari/tari To lead, entice
Penrhyn Puuaaioio Whirlwind, tornado Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn Purotu Beautiful
Penrhyn Saka/saka Low in status and short in elevation
Penrhyn Sakuraa Swordfish ; Pacific blue marlin (Makaira mazara) and other marlin species
Penrhyn Saru Rush; lure fish in
Penrhyn Sasa Beat, thrash
Penrhyn Hee Err Problematic
Penrhyn Seke Slip, slide, surf
Penrhyn Sii Gushing flow of water or blood or any other liquid ; to leak (of canoe), leak through a crack/hole
Penrhyn Sina A name often recited in legends ; a goddess; kind of small spider
Penrhyn Sisi Ray of sunlight
Penrhyn Songo Smell of urine
Penrhyn Suu Fart
Penrhyn Suru To insert ; to decorate; add-on decoration; long iron needle used for mending or adding decorational material to a basket, mat or hat
Penrhyn To/too Pull, drag, as a canoe, for example
Penrhyn Tootoo A hand net sometimes tied onto a long pole to scoop fish
Penrhyn Vaa Interval, gap, opening ; position; to be apart, open
Penrhyn Vaerua Spirit, soul
Penrhyn Vaikeru Dug up water (well water)