Penrhyn entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.A A Personal article (Sta)
MP.AFE.1A P/ahe/ To deviate, detour, turn (Rmn)
PN.QAA-FEA Aahea When in the future (Sta)
AN.AFI Ahi Fire (Sta)
PN.QAFII Aahii To wear clothes Problematic (Sta)
AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Evening (Sta)
MP.AFO Aho Cord, especially fishing line (Sta)
CE.AHO Aho Breath (Sta)
EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Erect stone, pile of stones, cairn (Sta)
PN.QAAFUA Aahua Small islet (Rmn)
NP.QAGA.2 Anga Shell; empty container, anything like a shell (Sta)
PN.AGE Ange Direction away from speaker and hearer (Rmn)
AN.AGI.1 Angiangi Blow; light breeze (Sta)
PN.AGI.2 Angiangi Thin and light object, e.g. paper (Rmn)
PN.AGO.2 Ango Imitate (Sta)
AN.QAHO Ao Day (Sta)
OC.QAHU.1 Au Bitter bladder (of tridacna shell) (Sta)
AN.QAHU.2 Au Smoke (Sta)
OC.AI.1 Ai Then, therefore, so (Sta)
AN.AKA.A Aka Root; sprout (Sta)
PN.AKE.A Ake/ake Seed of puka tree (Sta)
MP.AKO Ako Give a sermon, preach (Sta)
CE.AA-KUA-NEI Aakuanei Later on today (Sta)
FJ.QARA Ara Wake (Sta)
PN.AALAI Aarai Hinder; curtain (Sta)
OC.QALAWA Aarava Kind of shark with white-tipped fins, dangerous (Carcharinus albimarginatus) (Sta)
CE.AAREA Aarea Barren expanse of land, where there is no coconut tree (Sta)
PN.ALEALE.B Areare Hollow, empty, thin. (Rmn)
NP.ALEALE.C Vai areare Clear water, with nothing mixed in (Sta)
PN.ALEALE.A Areare Empty stomach (Rmn)
PN.QALELO Arero. Alelo (Bck). Tongue (Sta)
CE.ARI Aaria To wait (Sta)
PN.HAALIQA Aaria Water pathway, narrow passage, that is a stretch of water between two islets, which is shallower and narrower than a passage (ava), which...even a small boat cannot normally go through. (Sta)
PN.QARIKI Ariki Chief (Sta)
MP.QALILI Ariri Turban snail (Turbo sp.); calyx of coconut (Sta)
AN.QARO.A Aro Front. Anterior (of a person) (Bck). (Sta)
MP.QAROFA.A Aroha Love (Sta)
LO.AAROTE Aarote Plough (Sta)
EO.QALU.A A/aru Go and take a person, get something, fetch (Sta)
EO.QALU.A Aru/aru Chase (Sta)
PN.QAMO Amo Carry on shoulder (Sta)
CE.ANA.1 Ana Particle marking continuity (Sta)
PN.QANA.1 Ana Cave (Sta)
PN.QANA-FEA Nahea When in the past (Sta)
FJ.AA-NINI Aanini Reel, stagger, feel dizzy (Sta)
NP.QANU.1 Anu Cold (Sta)
EP.AA-NUANUA.* Aanuanua Rainbow (Sta)
AN.QANUFE Anuhe Caterpillar (Sta)
NP.AO.2 Aao/a Undergrown and malformed coconut fruit that has no inner shell and contains neither flesh nor water Problematic (Sta)
EP.AO.4 Ao The world (Cbl)

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