Entries from Tregear 1907 in Pollex-Online

Tregear, E. and S. P. Smith (1907). A vocabulary and grammar of the Niue dialect of the Polynesian language. Wellington, Government Printer.

Language Item Description
Niue Angi(angi) Tramp, vagabond, destitute, prostitute
Niue Ato High note in singing (b?)
Niue Fakalele Cast away; sacrifice
Niue Kai he /patuiki/ Thunderstruck Phonologically Irregular
Niue Fuafua Tumour , swelling, tumour
Niue Ilo Report, inform
Niue Luu/luu To shake, to be shaken. Sift, strain; sieve, strainer (McE). To clean out (bottle, mouth) (Sph).
Niue Malautea A fish Problematic
Niue Pata A drop of rain
Niue Pogipogi This morning
Niue Hoi General name for the wild yam
Niue Hopu/kia Caught, of prisoners
Mangareva Tona His, her its; belong to him &c
Niue Ulu-fiti Crisp, curly hair, like that of the Fijians
Niue Maniania To have the teeth set on edge
Niue Fita Fatigued, wearied (a complimentary word)
Niue Gini/gini Small rain
Niue A/fati Rough, broken reef; blowholes. Coastal cliff with no reef (McE). Problematic
Niue Omoti A cork, stopper Phonologically Irregular
Niue Faka/hoha To annoy
Niue Faka/lave/lave Obstruct, hinder, cause strife
Niue Faka(no)nono To be silent Phonologically Irregular
Niue Hega The parrakeet's red feathers under the beak
Niue Ho/hofi noa To yearn over. To be merciful (McE).
Niue Kaputi A covering for fruit Problematic
Niue Ulu To steer Problematic
Niue Hu/feilo To bow down, to kneel in reverence; to surrender; to sue for peace
Niue Hui-motua Bones of the living Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Fuafua Tumour, swelling
Mangareva Matega Dead, death; illness