Entries from Tregear 1891 in Pollex-Online

Tregear, E. (1891). The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary. Wellington, Lyon-Blair.

Language Item Description
Easter Island E/aho/ Fishing-line
New Zealand Maori Aparangi Open sky, arch of heaven
Mangaia Aparangi Vault of heaven
Mangareva Gake The part of an island extending towards the east
Mangaia Kui Blind woman whose sight was restored by Taane
Tuamotu Ropi Cover over, as with a mat; to wrap around once, as in a bundle or package ; cloth for a corpse, winding sheet; shut up, sheathe
Mangaia Marere Fall off, as a leaf
Marquesas Mao Dry (of land once wet) Problematic
New Zealand Maori Mira. Miiraa (Wms). Tend carefully, cherish Problematic
New Zealand Maori Miru Goddess guarding the gates of death
Mangareva Pee Macerated; beginning to stink (of fish)
Marquesas Pivai A species of banana
Marquesas Tanaʔoa God of darkness and evil ; god of the sea
New Zealand Maori Taakero An unidentified star ; Mercury
Marquesas Tapui Take care of Problematic
Mangareva Tapui To smear, anoint, dirty by wiping hands on Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Tatua A girdle. Pagne; se mettre quelque chose autour des reins (Rch).
Mangareva Toume Dry envelope of a young coconut cut into slices and put into water to make it flexible Problematic
Mangareva Tautara. Tautaara (Rch). A border, boundary. Bord, bordure, limite (Rch). Problematic
Mangareva Taviri Coil, twist (said of climbing plants)
Marquesas Teva Guard oneself, fend off . Not in Borrowed Problematic
Mangareva Teki To fall, head over heels Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Tete Tremble with fear or shiver with cold
Mangareva Ti/tiki With plural subject
Mangareva Tiki/tiki With plural action
Mangareva Timo Make advances, propitiate Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Tinana Parent who cares well for children; parents generally. Nom donné à un père ou à une mère soignant bien ses enfants (terme affectueux) (Rch).
Mangareva Tini. Tiini (Rch). A countless number. Un grand nombre (Rch).
Mangareva Tipi. Tiipi (Rch). Cut, divide; a knife. Couper; couteau (Rch). Amputer (tipi te vaevae) (Atl).
Mangareva Tore Uvula; penis; tongue-shaped
Mangareva Toroa The name of a bird
Mangareva Toti Limp, hobble, walk with difficulty
Mangareva Tuatea A heap of objects; a pile of material (such as %maa|) exposed to view. Tas d'étoffes, de vêtements, de nourriture exposé à la vue (Rch). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Turori Roll, heave, sway from side to side; not to be firm on a base. S'ébranler; ne pas être solide (se dit des hommes, des arbres etc.); jeu d'enfants qu'on joue à l'eau
Mangareva Aka/turuma/ Sluggish, idle person who does nothing but talk about what he can do; to sit down near your work and do nothing Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Tutae. Tutaae (Rch). Excrement. Excrément, fiente (Rch).
Mangareva Tutaki. Tutaaki (Rch). Tuutaki (Atl). To meet with; to join; to associate with. Rencontrer, fréquenter quelqu'un; réunir différents intérêts; mettre ensemble différentes choses; s'associer, s'adjoindre à quelqu'un.
Mangareva Unu/hi Draw a knife; put off a garment
Mangareva Ute A small kind of Papyrus
Mangareva Utu/utu Mourn, groan, bewail Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Namu Eat with the lips, nibble
Mangareva Tuu To be wounded
Mangareva Mouku Scented fern sp.
Mangareva Pui Put on a garment, clothe oneself; cover, envelop
Mangareva Kaia Wicked, cruel; a cannibal. Cannibal, sauvage; être hostile, méchant, cruel (Rch).
Mangareva Hùha The buttocks; the breech; the scrotum
Mangareva Iva. ʔIva (Rch). Nine. Neuf.