Entries from Elbert 1975-81 in Pollex-Online

Elbert, S. H. (1975-81). Dictionary of the Language of Rennell and Bellona. Copenhagen, The National Museum of Denmark.

Language Item Description
Rennellese Kese/kese Different, opposite
Rennellese Kete Basket, plaited bag, haversack
Rennellese Keu Turn back or head to the side
Rennellese Keba(keba) = gheogheo To stagger, take a weaving course; to walk with dangling limbs, said mockingly of lame persons
Rennellese Ki To, towards (preposed particle)
Rennellese Kikii Magino kikii, dead calm (of the sea) Problematic
Rennellese Kiato Outrigger boom
Rennellese Kie Pandanus used for fine mats
Rennellese Kiki To eat with or immediately after; to accompany, as taro to fish; food so eaten
Rennellese Kiga Pulled back, of foreskin; clearly seen, in plain sight
Rennellese Kiga Be clearly seen, in plain sight
Rennellese Kigi Skin
Rennellese Kigikigi Pebble, gravel, coral rubble
Rennellese Kimaa First person dual exclusive preposed pronoun
Rennellese Kima/tou We, us (plural, exclusive)
Rennellese Kimaa/ua We, us (dual, exclusive)
Rennellese Kimoa (Rattus exulans rennelli)
Rennellese Kina Whitish, short-spined sea-urchin, not eaten
Rennellese Kina Be sloping, beginning of an inclined surface, as an axe blade
Rennellese Kini Slash, hit, whip, strike
Rennellese Kini To buffet (of the wind)
Rennellese (Baa)kinokino Miserable, wretched
Rennellese Kioge Rat
Rennellese Kita(a)- First person inclusive marker
Rennellese Kite Look, see, find
Rennellese Kiu A thousand fathoms (approximately); ten thousand coconuts; figuratively, any great number
Rennellese Kiba Knife, sharp stick; goat or cow horn, sword
Rennellese Kibi Blind, to be, see imperfectly, blind in one eye
Rennellese Ko Specifier particle (Preposed)
Rennellese Koo/koo Coo, of dove; shout at end of dirge
Rennellese Koo Yonder
Rennellese Koe Second person singular, thou
Rennellese Kohe Bamboo
Rennellese Kohu Package of cooked food
Rennellese Kohu Emit smoke or steam
Rennellese Koso Digging-stick, pick-axe
Rennellese Koi Still, yet, while
Rennellese Kogo Row of posts in cult sites
Rennellese Kogoa Tapa cloth
Rennellese Kogomea Coral Hibiscus
Rennellese Kogopua A Ficus tree with heavy wood used for axe-handles
Rennellese Komi To hold (as in the mouth), clasp firmly, to close (as a clam), to insert in a small opening
Rennellese Ko/komo Squeeze, break in two, split, shatter Problematic
Rennellese Kona Be poisonous
Rennellese Kona Salty, poisonous, bitter
Rennellese Konikoni Press down on Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rennellese Kono Persevere as in face of difficulty
Rennellese Kono/kono Do with zeal and speed; persist in face of difficulties
Rennellese Kope Objects slept on, esp. baghu mats, tapa, sheets, pillow
Rennellese Koti Cut, clip