Entries from Tregear 1899 in Pollex-Online

Tregear, Edward (1899). A Dictionary of Mangareva (or Gambier Islands). Wellington: Government Printer.

Language Item Description
Mangareva Aki To push on, to shove on, to drive forward Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Ao Cloud, mist
Mangareva Apuru Suffocated or smothered by pressure of a crowd. Etre embarssé, gêné; être lourd, lâche (par maladie, climat)
Mangareva Ata/ata Large, wide, distant, far-stretching, spacious Phonologically Irregular
Mangareva Gio Put out, extinguish; be extinguished, as a flame Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Goio Whistle; breathe through the nose; a great snoring or rumbling
Mangareva Gugu Have gout or similar disease affecting feet. Enflure des jambes; avoir la goutte (Rch).
Mangareva Kohao. Koaʔo (Rch). Diarrhoea; a watery evacuation of the bowels. Selles liquides, diarrhée (Rch). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Korua You two, ye two
Mangareva Kono/kono To wish to evacuate the bowels, to go to stool; stools, faeces. Ressentir le besoin d'aller à la selle (Rch).
Mangareva Kumu Fist, closed hand; a kind of food served in portions about the size of a fist.
Mangareva Kumukumu The cry of a fish; noise of fowls brooding on the nest; noise of pigs. Bruit des poules qui couvent, bruit que font les cochons (Rch). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Iho Piece, portion; end-piece; the long syllable at the end of a song Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva Ao/maku, au/maku Humid, moist, damp. Humide (Rch).
Mangareva Marere To fall little by little (of a bag, a parcel, a tree); fall of gravel and stones from a mountain. Tomber peu à peu, e.g. un arbre (Rch).
Mangareva Maro Hard, tough, obdurate
Mangareva Migo/migo A fold, a wrinkle; to be wrinkled; stunted; not joined close, not smooth, equal, said of tissues and cloth
Mangareva Moemoèà A dream, a vision; to dream. Rêve, vision; rêver (Rch).
Mangareva Mori. Moorii (Rch). Candle, taper, wax. Lampe, bougie; essence, pétrole (Rch).
Mangareva Pakuhivi The shoulder, point of a paddle, raise a burden from the ground; a name given to a nephew
Mangareva Puga A kind of madrepore (coral); breadfruit of which the flesh is scirrhous
Mangareva Tahoa To make the papyrus cloth by beating
Mangareva Takaure A fly, not found in dwellings
Mangareva Tairi Beat, whip, flog with rod or cords Phonologically Irregular
Mangareva Tare To spit, to eject saliva; spittle
Mangareva Taohi Preserve, take care of; foster, guard. Soigner, préparer; personne qui assiste à préparer un mort pour les funérailles; soin, attention; observer, remarquer; pratiquer des préceptes (au sens moral) (Rch).
Mangareva Ku/kumu Press, squeeze; close the fist. Serrer le poing; avoir les genoux contre la poitrine étant assis à terre (Rch).
Mangareva Pu/puni To hide oneself
Mangareva He A kind of locust that devours the leaves of the coconut palm
Mangareva Hoi The name of a running plant having tubers like a potato
Mangareva Uru To cry out on account of the presence of a god
Mangareva Uru To repair a mat by weaving or patching pieces in
Mangareva Peke/peke The tentacles of the polypus or octopus retracted and condensed close up to the head; a species of crab. Nom d'une crabe; queues de l'encornet retirées et resserrées vers la tête (Rch).
Mangareva Rotu To beat a drum. Battre le tambour (Rch). Phonologically Irregular
Mangareva Taha Near by, close; in the presence of; with, at home with
Mangareva Tara A spine, a thorn; a horn, a bird's crest; a fish-bone; crests or peaks of mountains; sprouts or shoots of trees; a chip or shaving of wood
Mangareva O Possessive marker: of; of the. It is used before the names of husband, wife, food, &c. Marque la possession dominante [sic] (Rch).
Mangareva A This of, that of, those of. Particule possessif: de (Rch).
Mangareva Ta A genitive particle in matters relating to food, wife, and Husband (a-class)
Mangareva Toku my; mine
Mangareva Ka Placed before a cardinal number it converts it to an ordinal
Mangareva E/ui To ask, interrogate
Mangareva Rapa/rapa Of a flat shape