Entries from Collocott 1925-26 in Pollex-Online

Collocott, E.E.V. (1925-26) Supplementary Tongan vocabulary. Journal of the Polynesian Society 34(2): 146-169; 34(3): 193-213

Language Item Description
Niuafo'ou Ai Who?
Niuafo'ou Aua. ʔAua (Tmo). Don't
Niuafo'ou Aumai. ʔAumai (Tmo). Bring here. Bring.
Niuafo'ou Atua Spirit, god
Niuafo'ou E e Yes, of course
Niuafo'ou Ia ...seems to emphasise verbal force of word it follows.
Niuafo'ou Olo Go (dual and plural). Go (Col) (Tmo).
Niuafo'ou Boho/boho Expression of surprise
Niuafo'ou Ga/lalo Below, to the shore
Niuafo'ou Hami A savory of sea water and fermented cocoanut
Niuafo'ou Kailoa Simple negative, no
Niuafo'ou Koga/umu Oven
Niuafo'ou Koga/umu Oven
Niuafo'ou Kua Mark of past or perfect tense
Niuafo'ou Leke Space in house between mat and wall
Niuafo'ou Li/liki Small
Niuafo'ou Mauli Alive
Niuafo'ou Malama Light, lamp
Niuafo'ou Malili Cold Phonologically Irregular
Niuafo'ou Muli/muli = Tongan muimui [to follow]
Niuafo'ou Neʔe Past tense marker (= Tongan na'e)
Niuafo'ou Taulua = Tongan ongo (dual number marker)
Niuafo'ou Tabutoki Name of a tree
Niuafo'ou Taku My
Niuafo'ou Te/tou, ta/tou Our(s) (inclusive)
Niuafo'ou Vala ʔaho Working dress [= Tongan vala-si'i]
Tongan Matakila When the moon begins to appear, and is said to be seen by gods and only afterwards by men (Collocott)
Tongan Fuo/fua/vale Almost full moon (Collocott) Problematic
Niuafo'ou No/ʔi Sent about, ordered hither and thither Problematic
Niuatoputapu Vala/vala Working dress [= Tongan vala-si'i]
Niuafo'ou Hau ʔaliki Chiefs
Niuafo'ou Ka Sign of future (or indefinite) time...In Niua Fo'ou used with negative, where Tongan has ke or te.
Niuafo'ou Ko-te-a. Koteaa (Gry). What?
Niuafo'ou La Not
Niuafo'ou Kau la alu. I shall not go
Niuatoputapu Mele/ihe Tapa-mallet Phonologically Irregular
Niuafo'ou Noʔi Sent about, ordered hither and thither Problematic
Niuafo'ou Saki/saki Carry Problematic
Niuafo'ou Tou, toʔou Your, yours (2nd sing.)
Niuafo'ou Tau, taʔau Your, yours (2nd sg.)
Niuafo'ou Toku My
Niuafo'ou Tona, toʔona His, her, hers, its
Niuafo'ou Tana, taʔana His, her, hers, its
Niuafo'ou Te/motou Our (exclusive)
Tongan Hanga fesi Distance measured by spanning and then bending the hand over onto the knuckles, thus adding to the span the length of the two top joints of the fingers
Tongan Baba Semi-circular frame on which the cloth [tapa] is extended to be printed
Tongan Lau te/fuhi 100 *langanga* (length of tapa)
Tongan Mata, (-ga)-mata Unit classifier in counting fish (up to 5)
Tongan (-ga)-hoa Pair classifier in counting fish or yams (6 and over)
Tongan Mate/lau "Plus one" in counting odd numbers of fish (7 and above)