Entries from Pukui & Elbert 1986 in Pollex-Online

Pukui, M. K. and S. H. Elbert (1986). Hawaiian Dictionary. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press.

Language Item Description
Hawaiian Huʔi Ache, pain; aching
Hawaiian Ka/ka To rinse, clean
Hawaiian Aia There, there it is, there are
Hawaiian Hoʔolua To do twice, repeat, do over and over; to bake twice, as food in the oven
Hawaiian Hoo/ʔupu/ʔupu To recall to someone else, remind; to terrify someone by repeating an unpleasant impending event, especially that one is to be the victim of sorcery; to harp on impending doom
Hawaiian Oho Hair of the head; leaves of plants; fronds of ferns; to leaf out, sprout
Hawaiian Hoʔopili To bring together, stick; to attach oneself to a person; united, as friends;...to put together, as parts of a puzzle
Hawaiian Kahu One who tends and oven, a cook
Hawaiian Kaauna Four (formerly tubers were counted by fours)
Hawaiian ʔUpena kolo Immense bag net said to be from sixteen to twenty-four fathoms deep
Hawaiian Kuupele Dub out, as a canoe hull; scoop out, as trench; dig and plow, as taro patch; to knead, as bread dough or very hard fresh poi
Hawaiian Hoʔo/heʔe To put to flight, rout
Hawaiian Leʔa Clearly, perfectly, thoroughly, successfully
Hawaiian Alanui Street, road, highway
Hawaiian ʔEe- Prefix to numerals, inanimate
Hawaiian Makena Mourning, lamentation; to wail, lament
Hawaiian ʔIha/ʔiha Feeling of needing to relieve oneself, tight, tense
Hawaiian Keʔa Cross, any crossed piece; main house purlin; sticks connecting canoes of a double canoe
Hawaiian Peʔapeʔa Entangled (fig.), perplexity
Hawaiian Mai Preverbal particle of negative command: don't
Hawaiian Koo To drag, push, tow...