#61: Life Processes.

Reconstruction Description
AA-NEWA Dizzy, unsteady, weak
AA-NINI Giddy, vertigo
AA-NIWA Dizzy, confused
AKU-AKU Thin (of person)
ALA-TI To scratch an itch
ALEALE.A Weak with hunger; nausea
ALEALE.B Concave, hollow; thin (of solid)
AUTA Restless sleep
FAKA-TILI To increase biologically, produce offspring
FAKA-TOSI Labour, effort, strain, esp. of childbirth: *faka-(to)tosi
FITI-FITI-KIA Reach stage of hair growth or colour
FITI.1C Sprain, strain (muscle)
GAAWARI Weak, feeble; pliable, flexible
GAHE-GAHE Weak, exhausted, lazy, ill
GEGE Weary
GEQE Obese
GOGO.3 Weak, wasted away
HILA A term referring to some kinds of health problems
HOU Sweat
IWI.B Strong, energetic
KAGO Wasted; bare; undeveloped
KAKAWA Sweat, be sweaty
KANOPOGI Bereavement
KELO.1B Dead, or dying
KEWA.1 Stiffness (of body), convulsion, rigor
KIHA Tight, tense (bodily sensation)
KIRITI Convulsive movement
KISI.1 Dwarf; stunted
KITA.2A Tensed, as a muscle, a grip
KONO To strain, bear down (as when defecating, giving birth)
KOO-WARI Slack, as a rope, muscles, belly
KOONINI.2 Sensory pleasure
KOPA.2 Weak, lame
KUME.2 Pain; be in pain
KUPA Exhausted, enfeebled
LAGA.3 Hurt, painful
LEKA.2 Short, dwarf
LILA Thin, emaciated, sickly: *li(i)la(a)
MA-LIGI.B Menstruation; to menstruate
MA-MATE.2 Die (of more than one person)
MAALOO.A Strong, unyielding; victorious
MAALOOLOO.A Healthy, well, strong
MAALOOLOO.B Rest, recover one's strength
MAANUNU Worn out, exhausted
MAFI Strong, powerful, energetic, hardworking
MAHU.B Satisfied (of bodily need), quenched (of thirst)
MANIA.1 Shudder, be set on edge (of teeth)

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