#55: Vision.

Reconstruction Description
FAKA-QALI Show, reveal, disclose, expose
FAKA-QATA.B Reflection, mirror
FAKA-QATA.C Create an image or appearance
FAKA-SAA To show
FE-NUMI Conceal something or hide behind something
FOTU.1 Appear, emerge
FUNA.1A Conceal: *fu(u)na(a)
FUU.2A Secret, conceal: *(fu)fuu
GALO.1 Out of sight, disappeared, forgotten, ? lost
HAAKARA Look at, observe
HINA Light up an area with torchlight; fish with lights
KANA.2 Stare at; give the evil eye
KEKO Squint
KELO.2 Close one eye, wink, look out of one eye
KEMO Wink, blink
KEWA.2 Impaired vision
KI-KITE See into the future, have second-sight
KILA.2 Open eyes wide, stare: *(ki)kila
KILO Look (sideways) at
KIMI.* Seek
KIMO.* Wink
KITE See, appear, know
KITE-A Visible, in sight
KIWI.2 Blind or partially sighted; close the eyes
KUI.1 Blind
KUMI.2 Seek
LIKO.3 Twilight; be dazzled
LILO Out of sight, lost, hidden
MA-KILA To appear under special conditions (e.g. at a distance,intermittently): *ma(a)-kila
MA-MATA Look at, watch
MAA-GALO.1 To be (almost) out of sight
MAA-TIRO Look longingly at something (especially food)
MAATA-GA Worth looking at; to view something worth looking at (Rby)
MAATA-KI Visit, inspect, observe
MATA-KITE.A See clearly
MATA-KITE.B Clairvoyant, having second sight
MATA-POO Be blind, blindness
MATA.1E See, look at
MU-MUNI Hide oneself
NAA-NAA Look at
NIMO.1 Vanish, forget
NUMI.2* Disappear
PA-SERU Rummage, search through
PI-PIKI Close eyes
POGI-A Dazzled, blinded; to faint
POGI.1 Dazed, dull-witted
PULA.2B Stare
PUNI.1B To hide, conceal oneself
PUNI.1C Blind
QALI.1A Bare, exposed, clearly visible, transparent (of water)

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