#0: Grammatical Particles and Affixes - Verbal Particles (TAM).

Reconstruction Description
E...ANA Continuous aspect marker
E.1A Non-past verbal particle: *(q)e(e)
I.1 Past tense marker
KA.1 Verbal aspect particle marking inception of new action or state: *ka(a)
KE Verbal particle introducing subordinate clauses; in order to, so that
KIA.1A Desiderative verbal particle
KO.2 Progressive aspect marker
KU.2 Perfect aspect marker
KUA...KEE Marking already completed action or assumption of state
KUA.1 Perfect aspect
ME.2 Prescriptive mood marker
NA.3 Past tense marker
NE Past tense marker
NI.1 Past tense marker
NOKO.2 Past continuative aspect marker
SAA.3 Verbal particle
TEE.3 Progressive aspect

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