#0: Grammatical Particles and Affixes - Prefixes.

Reconstruction Description
AA- Ligative particle, like, as, after the manner of
FAA-.4 Causative prefix
FAI-.3 Prefix deriving noun performer from certain verbs (Rby)
FAKA-.1 Causative prefix
FAKA-.2 Similative prefix: to be or behave like (with nouns)
FAKA-.3 Repetitive prefix (with numerals)
FAKA-TAU- Reciprocal prefix
FE- Reciprocal prefix
FE---QAKI Affixes indicating reciprocal action, or concomitative action
FEE-.3 Be like
FIA- Verbal prefix indicating desire, wish
FUA-.2 Numeral prefix meaning "ten"
FUA-QI- Unitizing prefix
GAA-.3 Locality prefix
GAATI Prefix to name of a descent group or tribe
KOO-.3 Like, similar
MA-.1 Stativising prefix: *ma(a)-
MA-.2 Prefix indicating the possibility of performing the action
MAQU-.2 Prefix to locative bases indicating (further) in the direction of
MATA-.4 Numeral unitiser (classifier) for ten fish
PEE- Be like
QAA-.2 Morpheme indicating a point of future time: *qa(a)-
QANA-.2 Morpheme indicating a point of past time
SAQA.2 Family, clan
SOKO-.3A Just, exactly (with numerals)
SOKO-.3B Alone, only, by -self (with pronouns)
TAKI-.2 Distributive prefix
TAU-.14 Prefix to numerals, deriving nouns which denote a group (bunch, cluster) of that number
TAU-.7A Prefix marking reciprocal action or repeated action
TAU-.7B Prefix indicating reciprocal kin relation
TINO-.B Numeral prefix (classifier) indicating ten humans
TOKA-.4 Human prefix with numerals
TOKO-.2 Human prefix with numerals
TUA-.3 Same generation kinship prefix
TUMAQA An additive numeral ligative: *tu(u)maqa
TUQA-.2A Numeral classifier relating to layers or strands; times, repetitions
TUQA-.2B Ordinalising prefix
TUQA-.3 Numeral prefix, unit of ten crabs etc.

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