Protoform: KOFE-KOFE [CE] Plant sp.

Description: Plant sp.
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to CE: Central-Eastern Polynesian

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Hawaiian Oheohe Tall and straight (as a tree) (Pki)
New Zealand Maori Kohe(kohe) A tree (Dysoxylum spectabile) . Saplings tall, straight, branchless trunks (Bgs)
Rarotongan Koʔekoʔe Various large-leaved grasses (Whr)
Tahitian ʔOheʔohe A grass (Centotheca lappacea) ; like miniature bamboo. Plante (Centothea lappacea) (Lmt). (Hry)
Tahitian ʔOfeʔofe (Centotheca lappacea L.) (Hpr)
Tahitian Oheohe Bare of branches (Lmt)
West Futuna Kokofe A short section of wood Problematic (Dty)
West Futuna Ko(h)kofe Native cabbage Problematic (Dty)

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