Protoform: TUU-ORO [CE] Resonate, sound: *tu(u)oro

Description: Resonate, sound: *tu(u)oro
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to CE: Central-Eastern Polynesian

*0 << PN *olo.2 "low-pitched sound; coo (of pigeons or doves)"

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Hawaiian Kuolo Tremble, as the voice; vibrate, resonate (Pki)
Marquesas Tioro Jew`s harp (Dln)
New Zealand Maori Tioro Scream, make a discordant sound (Wms)
New Zealand Maori Tioro, Tuoro, Tuna Tuoro A fabulous monster which was said to bark like a dog (Wms)
Pukapuka Tuolo Shout out (as a chant) (Sby)
Rarotongan Tuuoro Proclaim, announce, call out, call upon (Bse)
Tahitian Tuuoro Appeler, invoquer, faire appel à (Lmt)
Tuamotu Tuuoro Shout at, call out to (Stn)

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