Pukapuka entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.A I/a Personal article (Bge)
PN.-A -a Suffix forming adjectives from some nouns (Sby)
NP.AE Ae Yes (prob. post-contact borrowing) (Bge)
PN.QASA-GA.A Aayanga Name for the unbroken stretch of built-up reef on eastern (windward) side of atoll, stretching between motu (islets) (Sby)
PN.AFAGA Awanga Open space used as a meeting place (Bge)
PN.QASA-GA.A Aayanga Name for the whole barrier reef, considered as a reef (Bge)
AN.AFI Awi Fire (Bge)
PN.QAFII Awii Wrap food with leaf covering (Sby)
AN.AFIAFI Awiawi Later afternoon or evening (Mta)
MP.AFO Wao Cord, especially fishing line (Bge)
SO.AFU.3 Aawuu To be agreed, unanimous (Sby)
PN.QAFU.1 Awu Hot (Bge)
NP.AAFUA Laaua Like, resembling Problematic (Sby)
PN.QAAFUA Aaua Shoal, sandbank (Sby)
CP.AGA Anga/anga Habit, behaviour (archaic) (Sby)
AN.AGI.1 Angiangi Soft, breeze; windy ; windy, breezy (Mta)
PN.AGO.2 Ango To measure (Mta)
PN.AGO.2 Ango/ango Careful rationing of a limited supply (Mta)
AN.QAHO Ao Dawn; light (Bge)
OC.QAHU.1 Au Gall bladder (Bge)
AN.QAHU.2 Au Smoke, breath (Bge)
OC.AI.1 Ai Verbal directive particle (Bge)
AN.QAITU Aitu Spirit, ghost (Bge)
AN.AKA.A Aka Root of a plant or tree (Bge)
RO.AKA.B Aka Root (Mta)
PN.QAKA Aka Kick, stamp (Bge)
PN.AKIAKI Akiaki Black-naped Tern (Sterna sumatrana) (Sby)
MP.AKO Ako To preach (Mta)
MP.AKO Akoako To practice, preach (Sby)
FJ.QARA Ala To awake (Bge)
NP.ALAFI Alawi/a Revival of old ideas or habits by an individual (Mta)
PN.AALAI Aalai That which wards off, protects or defends as barrier; reef, in the sense of the outside reef considered as warding off the sea and protecting the land; reef heads and barriers in the lagoon (Bge)
CO.ALAALA-FUTU Laalaawutu Golden Jack (Gnathanodon speciosus) (Sby)
PN.ALA-TI L/alati To be itchy (Sby)
CE.AAREA Aalea Space, area (prob. borrowed) (Sby)
CE.AAREA Aalea/lea Spacious (Bge)
TA.ARE-ARE Aleale Clear, pure Problematic (Mta)
PN.QALELO Alelo Tongue (Bge)
OC.ALI.1 Ali Left-eye Flounder (Bothus mancus) (Hpr)
PN.QARIKI Aliki Chief, head of a major paternal descent group (Bge)
MP.QALILI Alili Periwinkle (Bge)
FJ.AMO.1A Omo/omo To rub with oil Phonologically Irregular (Bge)
EO.QALO.3 Alo(alo) To paddle (Bge)
AN.QARO.A Alo Front side of the body or any object ; lagoon (front of island vs. tua) (Sby)
MP.QAROFA.A Aloa Love, pity (Sby)
EO.QALU.A Alu Go after, pursue (Sby)
SO.AMA Yama Yellow butterflyfish (Chaetodon ephippium) Phonologically Irregular (Sby)
PN.QAMANAKI Manaki Hope, long for (Sby)
PN.AMO.1B Amo A rolled strand of sinnet (Mta)
PN.QAMO Amo Lift up, carry on head or shoulders (Sby)

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