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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Marquesas EO.KUMETE Umétte A large woodden vessel to contain food &c
Marquesas PN.WAI-PUNA E wiae, poonah Spring, fountain
Marquesas PN.FOKI.2 Haúe, haue/éi Surely, certainly, verily
Marquesas MQ.KAHA.2 Kaha Pouvoir maléfique d'envoûtement attribué à certains anciens *tuhuna*
Samoan PN.E.1B E Particle placed before numerals and certain other words referring to things which can be counted
Tahitian PN.E.1B E Article pluriel devant les noms de nombres; ligatif dans les noms de nombres, devant les dizaines, les centaines...
Takuu PN.E.1B E, ee Particle placed before numerals and certain other words referring to things that can be counted
East Futuna SO.TEQE-MUU Faka/leʔemuʔu Faire taire; se taire; sans prendre part à la conversation (postverbe). Phonologically Irregular
Samoan XW.MATINI Matini An offering of branches of certain trees, to induce *aitu* to pass over the place where they are hung without calling in.
Hawaiian AN.IPU Ipu Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria); general name for vessel or container
Tuvalu PN.FAI-TAHINA Faitaina Adoptive brother; cousin
Tuvalu PN.PUUPUU.3 Puupuu Kaleve [coconut juice] container made from shell of green nut fitted with string handles
Tuvalu PN.SOKO.5 Tai s/soko High tide
Tuvalu FJ.TEI.2 Tai Nearly, shortly, somewhat, almost
Tuvalu FJ.TEI.2 Tai Yet, nearly, almost
Tuvalu XW.SOSONI Ssoni Small container used to draw water from a well
Tuvalu PN.TA-QIA Taia To hit, beat
Tuvalu PN.MATE.1E Tai mate Smooth low tide
Tuvalu NP.TAFA-TAI Tafa/a/tai Seashore [Eng-Tuv]
Tuvalu FJ.TAU-NAMU Tainamu Mosquito net