Tuvalu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.A A Personal article (Rby)
PN.-A -a Noun stativiser (Rby)
AN.QAA.1 Aa Fence (Rby)
PN.QAA-.2 Aa/tafaata Tomorrow (Rby)
NP.AE Aaee Yes (Rby)
MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone (Rby)
PN.QASA-GA.A Aasaga Shallow passage. Sandbank (Bsr). (Jsn)
MP.AFE.1A Afe Deviate; Call in on while passing (Rby)
PN.AFE.2 Afe Thousand (Rby)
PN.QAA-FEA Aafea When? (in the future) (Rby)
AN.AFI Afi Fire (Rby)
PN.QAFII Afii Wrap a parcel (Rby)
AN.AFIAFI Afiafi Evening (Rby)
OC.QAFI-GA Afiga Armpit (Rby)
MP.AFO Afo Cord of fishing rod (Rby)
EO.AFU.1 Afu Offspring, have offspring.: fertile. (Rby)
SO.AFU.3 Afu Similar, resemble (Rby)
PN.QAFU.1 Aafu To sweat (Rby)
PN.QAAFUA Aafua Small, bare island (Rby)
MP.AFU-AFU Aafuaafu To drizzle (Rby)
CP.AGA Aga Custom, way of acting (Rby)
PN.QAGA.1 Aga/aga mafai Hammerhead Shark (Jsn)
PN.QAGAQAGA Agaaga Soul (Rby)
PN.QAGAQAGA-MAFAI Agaaga mafai Hammerhead shark "Nukulaelae only" (Bsr)
AN.AGI.1 Agi Blow (of wind) (Rby)
AN.QAHAWA-NA Aava Polite, respectful ; honour, respect (Rby)
AN.QAHO Ao Day (not night) (Rby)
OC.QAHU.1 Au Gall (Rby)
AN.QAHU.2 Au To smoke (Rby)
OC.AI.1 Ai Anaphoric pronoun (Rby)
AN.QAITU Aitu Ghost, spirit (Rby)
AN.AKA.A Aka Root (Rby)
PN.QAKA Aka(hi) Push with foot, stamp (Rby)
LO.AKERISI Akelisi Locust (Gk.) (Rby)
PN.-QAKI.1 -aki Reciprocal intensive indicating repeated or alternating action (Rby)
PN.AKIAKI Akiaki Fairy Tern. White Tern (Jsn). (Rby)
FJ.QARA Ala Be or become awake (Rby)
PN.AALAI Aalai Fence; cut off fugitive with pincer movement ; wall (Rby)
PN.ALA-TI Alati Scratch, as when itchy (Rby)
OC.QALAWA Alava (C. longiamus) (Rby)
PN.QALELO Alelo Tongue (Rby)
OC.ALI.1 Ali Fish sp., Flounder (Rby)
PN.QALI.2 Ali Clean inside of eyelids (Rby)
PN.QALI.1A Ali/ali Visible (Rby)
PN.HAALIQA Aalia Shallow passage between two islets (Rby)
SO.ALIGA Aaliga To smell of food or perfume (Rby)
PN.QARIKI Aliki A chief (Rby)
MP.QALILI Alili (Turbo sp.) (Rby)
MP.QALO.1 Alo Belly (of mammal), ventral area (of fish) (Rby)
EO.QALO.3 Alo To paddle (Rby)

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