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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
East Futuna PN.FAKA-FITI Fakafiti Refuser; refus
Samoan PN.FAKA-FITI Faʔafiti To deny; to refuse, as a loan
Niue AN.FANA.1 Fana/fiti Bow and arrow
East Futuna MP.FITI.1A Fiti Fillip, flick with fingers
Emae MP.FITI.1A Fiti Jump, move very quickly
Niue MP.FITI.1A Fiti To flip over. To fillip (Tgr). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rotuman MP.FITI.1A Fiti Start with surprise Borrowed
Samoan MP.FITI.1A Fiti Spring up
Tikopia MP.FITI.1A Fiti Spring
Tokelau MP.FITI.1A Fiti Flick, bounce, leap, jump
West Uvea MP.FITI.1A Fiti/fiti Budge, move. Roll on ground [Muli Dialect]. (Fish) flip around on sand [Heo Dialect]
Takuu MP.FITI.1A Fiti Shift, move
Tikopia NP.FITI.1B Fiti Rise, (e.g. of moon), sprout
East Futuna PN.FITI.2 Fiti Fiji
Niue PN.FITI.2 Fiti Traditional place name
Rotuman PN.FITI.2 Fiti Fiji Borrowed
Takuu PN.FITI.2 Fiti Melanesian
Tikopia PN.FITI.2 Fiti Name for Melanesian Islands to immediate north and south of Tikopia
East Futuna XW.FITI.3 Fiti Flower
Niue XW.FITI.3 Fiti Flower
Tikopia CO.FITI-FITI-KIA Fitifitikia To have developed pubic hair
Marquesas PN.FII-TIKI Hitiki, kitiki (MQN), fitiʔi, kitiʔi (MQS), ʔitiʔi, ʔitiki, Lier, attacher, nouer
Niue PN.FII-TIKI Fitikia Be entangled
Tahitian PN.FII-TIKI Fitii A family, relations of a person Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue EO.KALAE Kalee Porphyrio (Tafiti)
Niue PN.MA-QINE-QINE Maine (Motu dialect), maini (Tafiti dialect) Enjoyable, thrilling
Niue EO.PAITO Paito (Motu dialect), peito (Tafiti dialect), piito Cookhouse, shelter over oven
Niue CE.TAFITI.1 Tafiti Name given to the southern part of Niue, and only used as such (Sph). Problematic
East Futuna PN.TAA-FITI.A Tafiti Struggle when held
East Futuna PN.TAA-FITI.A Taafiti Push away; stir oneself
East Futuna PN.TAA-FITI.A Tafiti Etre en convulsions, struggle (when held) Problematic
Samoan PN.TAA-FITI.A Taafiti Somersault
Niue XW.TAU-SUNI.* Toihune [Motu dialect], toihuni [Tafiti dialect] A shrub (Messerschmidia argentea)
East Futuna OC.TIFI-TIFI Tifitifi Poissons: "poisson-papillon", "poisson-ange", "poisson-clown", Chaetodon sp., Chaetodontide
Emae OC.TIFI-TIFI Tifitifi Butterfly Fish and Angel Fish
Samoan OC.TIFI-TIFI Tifitifi (Chaetodon) and (Holocanthus sp.)
Tikopia OC.TIFI-TIFI Tifitifi Angelfish or butterfly fish
Tokelau OC.TIFI-TIFI Tifitifi General name for Butterfly Fishes (Chaetodontidae)
Samoan PN.TOGA-FITI Togafiti A scheme, device, means, remedy; to devise means . Treat (give medical treatment to); attend, fix up; remedy; device, scheme, prank, trick (Mnr).
Tokelau PN.TOGA-FITI Togafiti Treat medically; remedy, treatment, device, invention, idea; magical trick or illusion (performed in a show)
Niue PN.MAPU Mafu To whistle (Tafiti dialect) Phonologically Irregular
Niue PN.PORO-QAKI Poaki (Tafiti dialect), puaki (Motu dialect) (To issue a) command
Takuu MP.FITI.1A Hiti (pl. ffiti) Race on foot through shallow water Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia XO.FITI.1C Fiti Sprain; strain (muscle); "pins and needles" sensation in arm or leg
East Futuna FJ.PUA.A Pua/tala, pua/fiti Frangipanier (Plumeria sp.)
Tokelau PN.FAKA-FITI Fakafiti Deny; decline, refuse, turn down
Tokelau PN.MA-FITI Mafiti Jump, bounce, jerk (accidentally or spontaneously); (of foreskin) turned back
East Futuna PN.MA-FITI Mafiti Bondir, rebondir (ballon); jaillir (étincelles)
Samoan PN.MA-FITI Mafiti To spring out, as a spark from the fire; to spring up, as a splinter of wood
Samoan PN.MA-FITI Maafiti Blustering, quarrelsome Uncertain Semantic Connection