Entries from Churchward 1940 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1940). Rotuman grammar and dictionary. Sydney, Australian Medical Publishing Company.

Language Item Description
Rotuman Kopiti Embrace, cling Borrowed
Rotuman Siʔu Hand and arm
Rotuman Pasi Split, divide lengthwise
Rotuman Faʔa To tear, rend; tear or break off Borrowed
Rotuman Fua Edge or corner; ridge, corrugation, keel, midrib...
Rotuman Foma/fua Back (of the body)
Rotuman Tee kArkAru Any jelly-like substance resembling the mucus that comes from the nose Borrowed
Rotuman Mutlei Bird sp., booby
Rotuman Ragkari Tree bearing clusters of very small brown odiferous flowers [Aglaia saltatorum] Borrowed
Tongan Toutali Second (esp. of baskets of food presented) Problematic
Rotuman Toko Prop up, support Borrowed
Rotuman Jamuʔa Branching flower and fruit stem of coconut or fan palm
Rotuman Turei Thrust back or aside with elbow
Rotuman Paa Hit or struck (of eye only)
Tongan Hoku First person singular exclusive objective possessive pronoun
Rotuman Täe To touch, esp. with the tip of anything, e.g. fingers
Rotuman Soro Wash hands and arms; scrub
Rotuman Soro Grate, rub, sharpen
Tongan Kai/fonua Commoner
Rotuman Fat-manava Heart Borrowed
Rotuman Mạnmạnu Bird, insect or animal, etc., including all land and air creatures but no sea creatures
Rotuman Mafu Ripe and hard (of coconuts)
Rotuman Heʔo To call Borrowed
Rotuman Fitaʔa Bestow labour on, to give care or attention to Borrowed
Rotuman Foʔu Sugarcane
Rotuman Fesiʔa Dislike, hate Borrowed
Rotuman Feʔata Small sluglike creature that adheres to rocks
Rotuman Tina/namu Sow
Rotuman Foʔa Be high and dry
Rotuman Henu Husk of coconut
Rotuman Ofo Announce approach of an expected person Borrowed
Rotuman Fuʔu To take down, put down, let down, lower; (of tide) to begin to go out
Rotuman Sua Change tack (of a vessel)
Rotuman Täe Pick up, gather up, collect. Borrowed