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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Masima Salt (muriate of soda)
Tongan Pow Mischievous, audacious
Tongan Táanga A song, poetry
Tongan Tete/mi To flutter, to tremble Problematic
Tongan Tooa A superior sort of yam
Tongan Toogi/e To stumble, to fall down
Tongan Toogi A hammer or mallet
Tongan Tow-alla To luff, to bring a vessel’s head nearer to the wind
Tongan Towfa A squall of wind, a gale
Tongan Vesa A bracelet of any kind Phonologically Irregular
Tongan Matta Ripe (a term chiefly applied to cocoa-nuts)
Tongan Namooá A bad smell
Tongan Tango To lie in wait for
Tongan Gna/hoa A pair, a couple
Tongan A bé Perhaps, likely
Tongan Co/eni This
Tongan Moachibo The cotton tree
Tongan Ne A particle frequently joined to the end of words for the sake of euphony -- women more frequently use it than men
Tongan Boo/boonoo To close; to shut; the lid of any thing
Tongan Féhia To hate, abhor, dislike, hatred
Tongan China/manoo A sow after she has had a litter
Tongan Pa/pani To forage, foraging party
Tongan Toca, tocca Aground; to get aground, to lie on the ground
Tongan Totolo To crawl, to grovel
Tongan Fétatechili To lighten, (to flash with lightning), lightning
Tongan Fihi To tangle, to entwine, to twist
Tongan Toohoo The forefinger
Tongan Coomoo-coomoo The chin
Tongan Chi Small, little, thin
Tongan Chi/chi Softly, slightly, lightly, in a very moderate degree
Tongan Aloo To go, or depart; get along! begone!; the gait or walk
Tongan Toogoo To lower (a sail)
Tongan Bo Day