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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Omi. Omý. To bring, to fetch. To bring hither.
Tongan One(-one) Sand; also gunpowder
Tongan Feichi. Fia-feichi. Copulation, act of generation (Mtn). Venery, venereal desire.
Tongan Ongo To hear
Tongan Ongo Echo, sound, noise; fame, reputation, glory; news, tidings
Tongan Olongá A certain kind of tree
Tongan Vy hoo Broth made from fish (having no other broth)
Tongan Hoo To boil or stew
Tongan Hoo To pray, to entreat, to be submissive
Tongan Honge Dearth, famine
Tongan Holo. Holo-holo. Holoi. Friction, rubbing; a rag. A towel, to scrub. To chafe, to wipe.
Tongan Holi Eager
Tongan Cava The pepper plant; also the root of this plant
Tongan Cava The beard
Tongan Cave A handle or sling to a basket
Tongan Cavenga Burden, load, freight of a canoe or other vessel
Tongan Cawle To beg; to request
Tongan Pacoo Crimp, crisp, cracknel of baked pork; also the scab of a sore, crust
Tongan Ger Thou
Tongan Gi To whistle, as birds; to squeak as a rat
Tongan Ghe. Fe/gé. A quarrel, disturbance, affray, dispute; to wrangle, to dispute. Controversy, discussion.
Tongan Getoo Lame; to hobble
Tongan Too-mow Stagnant (as wter)
Tongan Too-oota To land
Tongan Too. Too-oo. To stand, to tread; also to rise; stand up! get up! To get up, get up.
Tongan He. Gihé. There. There, thereabout, in that place, thither.
Tongan Tow-mooa The stem of a vessel
Tongan Malië Well! well done! bravo!
Tongan Loloi Juice of the cocoa-nut
Tongan Oole The penis
Tongan Loto Mind, temper, idea, opinion, disposition
Tongan Tamachi A child of either sex
Tongan Löoóloo A long head of hair
Tongan Low The hair of the head
Tongan Low-chi Narrow
Tongan Low lahi Broad, expansive
Tongan Low Measure of the surface of any thing
Tongan Low To discourse, to relate; hearsay, report. To calculate.
Tongan Lotoo Adoration, invocation; to invoke, to pray
Tongan Lotoá An enclosed place
Tongan Mooli. Gi-mooli. Foreign; a foreigner, a stranger; behind, abaft. Abroad, in a distant country. Problematic
Tongan He. Gihé. There. There, thereabout, in that place, thither.
Tongan Co/ena. Hena. Gi-hena. That. There, thither.
Tongan E/chía The handle of an axe, hatchet, or adze
Tongan Eni. Gi-heni. Here, in this place. Here, hither, to this place
Tongan Awtý A preparation of food
Tongan Féfé How?
Tongan Sisi To hiss Phonologically Irregular
Tongan Ho/holo To grind
Tongan Iboo A cup, a mug, saucer, &c.