Entries from Yen 1973 in Pollex-Online

Yen, D. E. and J. Gordon, Eds. (1973). Anuta: a Polynesian Outlier in the Solomon Islands. Pacific Anthropological Records. Honolulu, Department of Anthropology, Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum.

Language Item Description
Anuta Apaa Storm, big wind
Anuta Api Fire
Anuta Apiapi. Epiepi (Fbg). Evening
Anuta Ango (Curcuma domestica)
Anuta Ara Wake
Anuta Ariki Chief
Anuta Aro/aro Belly, bowels. Belly inside (Fbg).
Anuta Aro. A/aro (Fbg). To paddle; to go
Anuta Aropa Pity, compassion. Love, sympathy, affection; gift symbolizing feeling of affection (Fbg).
Anuta Ana Cave
Anuta Ata Dawn
Anuta Ate Liver
Anuta Atu Line, row
Anuta Au Sea current
Anuta Papie Firewood
Anuta Papine Woman. Female (Fbg).
Anuta Papo Outside. Outdoors (Fbg).
Anuta Pangai To feed
Anuta Pangota Fishing from canoes ; generic for fishing but especially to fish drives on reef
Anuta Pai Stingray. Ray fish (Fbg).
Anuta Paka- Causative prefix
Anuta Fakaari Show, hold up to view
Anuta Pakatiu North wind. Northwest; wind coming from the northwest (Fbg).
Anuta Para A fine sleeping mat. Sleeping mat made from pandanus type called *kie* (Fbg).
Anuta Para Pandanus sp.
Anuta Pare House. Generic term for a house or building of any sort; to dwell, stay, live, reside; middle-level "descent group" similar in connotation to *api* (Fbg).
Anuta Pana Bow. Any implement which discharges projectiles (Fbg).
Anuta Pano(pano) Wash
Anuta Pau Tie
Anuta Pau Prefix for flower or leaf garland. Headband (Fbg).
Anuta Pepeeki How?
Anuta Pe/pero Light-coloured hair. Lightish brown (used to describe the color of hair which has just started to be bleached with lime) (Fbg).
Anuta Pia How many?
Anuta Piro Twist
Anuta Poe Paddle
Anuta Pora/pora Spread out
Anuta Poro Swallow
Anuta Pono Gather, assemble
Anuta Ponu Turtle
Anuta Pota Fishtrap of stones. Stone fish trap set up on reef (Fbg).
Anuta Pou New
Anuta Pua Fruit. Often used specifically to denote betel nut; any plant that bears a fruit; to fruit; one's child (Fbg)
Anuta Puri Turn. To turn something around (Fbg).
Anuta Puru Body-hair; feathers
Anuta Pu/puru Wash clothes. To wash an object (other than oneself) (Fbg).
Anuta Puti Pull up. To pull in a length of line (such as fishing line or anchor line)
Anuta Puti Banana (Musa sp.)
Anuta Aku Swordfish, large Needlefish
Anuta Ara Road
Anuta Ama Outrigger