Entries from Yen 1973 in Pollex-Online

Yen, D. E. and J. Gordon, Eds. (1973). Anuta: a Polynesian Outlier in the Solomon Islands. Pacific Anthropological Records. Honolulu, Department of Anthropology, Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum.

Language Item Description
Anuta Tere/tere Sail
Anuta Tii (Cordyline fruticosa)
Anuta Tiare Floral necklace; a shrub (Gardenia sp.)
Anuta Tiko Defecate
Anuta Tiri Fish-trap
Anuta Tio Look Problematic
Anuta Tinana Mother
Anuta Tino Body
Anuta Tio Shellfish sp.
Anuta Titi pau Skirt for men and women worn for dancing. Barkcloth sheet hung in front of the church (Fbg).
Anuta Too To plant
Anuta Toe Remainder. To remain, be left (over), be excluded... (Fbg).
Anuta Toka Rock in sea, visible at low tide. A boulder in the sea, submerged at least part of the time (Fbg).
Anuta To/toka/ Settle (as sago flour). For a sediment to settle out of suspension (Fbg).
Anuta Toki Adze. Axe; giant clam (Tridacna) (Fbg).
Anuta Tori Harvest tree fruits
Anuta Toroa Duck
Anuta Toto Blood
Anuta Tua Back (anatomical part)
Anuta Tuki Hit, strike. To strike by extending one's arm (as in boxing or karate), as opposed to slapping or hitting by bringing the arm down; to puncture or drive an object through something; to hammer, strike, or beat something as in mashing tubers to make a pudding; club (n); object used to mash tubers (Fbg).
Anuta Tuku Put down, place, leave. Remain intact, be preserved, stay the way it has been (Fbg).
Anuta Tu/turi/ Deaf
Anuta Turi Bird sp. Small sea bird (Fbg).
Anuta Turi. Pa/turi (Fbg). Knee
Anuta Tu/turu/ Leak in roof
Anuta Tuna Freshwater eel (said to be extinct)
Anuta Tupu Grow
Anuta Tupua Spirit. A spirit which was never a human being (Fbg).
Anuta Uuuu. Uu-uu (Fbg). Coconut Crab
Anuta Ua Neck
Anuta Uwo. Uo (Fbg). Crayfish Problematic
Anuta Uri Black
Anuta Uru Head
Anuta Umu Earth oven
Anuta Unu. Unu/i (Fbg). Pull out
Anuta Vae Leg. Foot (Fbg).
Anuta Vaka Canoe. Ship; any vehicle... (Fbg).
Anuta Vare Phlegm, semen, etc.
Anuta Varovaro Shrub (Premna corymbosa)
Anuta Varu Bonito, large fish sp. Scaleless tuna (Fbg).
Anuta Vao Grassy tract. Grass (Fbg).
Anuta Vera Burnt (as by sun)
Anuta Ve/vete Untie
Anuta Kapi/ti Two betel-nut sticks between which thatch is placed in order to give the thatch rigidity ; clench, wedge
Anuta Pakamaa Be ashamed. Embarrassed, shy (Fbg).
Anuta V/ae. V/ai (Fbg). Tear, rend