Entries from Yen 1973 in Pollex-Online

Yen, D. E. and J. Gordon, Eds. (1973). Anuta: a Polynesian Outlier in the Solomon Islands. Pacific Anthropological Records. Honolulu, Department of Anthropology, Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum.

Language Item Description
Anuta Nonu (Morinda citrifolia)
Anuta Nu/numi/ Fold over. Folded (Fbg).
Anuta Ora Life, health. Soul, spirit, everlasting life (Fbg).
Anuta Oti Finished. To finish (generally used with perfect particle *ku*) (Fbg).
Anuta Paa Shank of two piece fishing-lure.
Anuta Penu Coconut scrapings, rubbish
Anuta Pepe Butterfly
Anuta Peti Fat
Anuta Pi/piki. Piki/piki (Fbg). Sticky
Anuta Pipi Bivalve shellfish
Anuta Poo Night
Anuta Po/poa/ Fishy smell
Anuta Poopatu Stone with hole in it Problematic
Anuta Poke Taro balls of mashed taro and coconut sauce. A type of food made by mixing mashed, baked taro with stone boiled coconut cream and rolling it into balls (A very prestigeous food prepared on important ceremonial occasions) (Fbg).
Anuta Popo Decayed. To be decayed to the point of the object's losing its original identity (Fbg).
Anuta Potu End ; piece of something; end of an object, side of an object
Anuta Pua Plant with flowers
Anuta Pua Flower. Any plant that bears a flower; to flower (Fbg). Problematic
Anuta Pulaka. Puraka (Fbg). (Cyrtosperma chamissonis)
Anuta Pure. Puure (Fbg). Cowrie sp.
Anuta Purepure. Ta/purepure (Fbg). Spotted
Anuta Puroki. Purouki (Fbg). Umbrella palm Problematic
Anuta Puru Coconut husk fibre
Anuta Puna Spring of water
Anuta Pu/pui Blow. For a person to blow on something (Fbg).
Anuta Tere Bamboo stick snare for birds
Anuta Ingano, ngano (Pandanus odoratissimus). A type of fragrant plant from which head bands may be made; a type of pandanus (Fbg). Problematic
Anuta Tika Shuttle for net-making
Anuta Ina Grey-haired b Problematic
Anuta Toa Friend. Bond-friend...fiancée (Fbg).
Anuta Ongi Touch noses. To press noses in greeting as a sign of affection (Fbg). Problematic
Anuta V/oi (Dioscorea bulbifera) Problematic
Anuta Tora Run away
Anuta Oro Landslide b Problematic
Anuta Uki. U/uki (Fbg). Thrust. Thrust, as in attempting to stab someone or something. Problematic
Anuta Tae Excrement; entrails
Anuta Tapa Circumcise
Anuta Tape Tide, current
Anuta Tapito Root, base. The base of an object; basis, source, reason; leader; beginning; to start (Fbg).
Anuta Tanga Bag. Sack, suitcase; stomach (as an internal organ)
Anuta Tari A kind of plaiting
Anuta Taro (Colocasia esculenta)
Anuta Tane A skin disease. A type of fungus infection characterized by light-colored patches on the skin
Anuta Tanipa Large shark sp.
Anuta Tanu Bury
Anuta Tao Spear
Anuta Tapakau Woven coconut frond floor mat
Anuta Tatau Tattoo
Anuta Taupupu Ridgepole
Anuta Tea White