Entries from Zamponi 1996 in Pollex-Online

Zamponi, R. (1996). "Multiple sources of glottal stop in Ra?ivavaean." Oceanic Linguistics 35(1): 6-20.

Language Item Description
Ra'ivavae Age To be open
Ra'ivavae Agego Tongue
Ra'ivavae ʔArero Clitoris
Ra'ivavae Ana Cave. Cave, cavern, grotto (Stn).
Ra'ivavae (ʔ)Aoa Banyan tree (Ficus umbilicata)
Ra'ivavae Heʔi Plantain (Musa paradisica) Borrowed
Ra'ivavae Gata(a) A small tree (Metrosideros)
Ra'ivavae ʔUgu To grunt Problematic
Ra'ivavae Aŋa Span. To measure across the chest, as a stick or cord (Stn).
Ra'ivavae ʔAge Wave
Ra'ivavae Amiami Interior folds of the vagina. To move the vagina with a circular motion (Stn). Problematic
Ra'ivavae ʔAmiʔami Sphincter muscles . Problematic
Ra'ivavae ʔAna To shine Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae ʔEhu Sandy, reddish-brown
Ra'ivavae ʔEte Basket
Ra'ivavae ʔI/ʔila/ To slip Problematic
Ra'ivavae ʔIgi Skin of living creatures
Ra'ivavae ʔOpe Clasp the arms and legs about Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae ʔOti Fish variety
Ra'ivavae Gaʔu To scrape Problematic
Ra'ivavae Gata Be tame
Ra'ivavae Gau leaf
Ra'ivavae Gepegepe, ʔepeʔepe Labia minora
Ra'ivavae ʔAe/ʔae Legs of lobster or crab Problematic
Ra'ivavae O To present food
Ra'ivavae Ope To dig up
Ra'ivavae Oti To finish
Ra'ivavae Pa Fortification
Ra'ivavae Paa To touch with; to splash
Ra'ivavae Ma(g)ainu Bait (obs)
Ra'ivavae Hangi Oral stimulation
Ra'ivavae Taeaʔe Sibling Problematic
Ra'ivavae Taaonga Personal property
Ra'ivavae Taaʔoʔa Personal property Problematic
Ra'ivavae Veʔa/veʔa Hot
Ra'ivavae Unu To drink
Ra'ivavae Ugi Head
Ra'ivavae Nui Coconut tree
Ra'ivavae Poa/a Smell of fish
Ra'ivavae Wagi [sic] Slime
Ra'ivavae ʔI Seek Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae ʔAi Eat
Ra'ivavae Piʔu Lump
Ra'ivavae (ʔ)Iʔa Fish
Ra'ivavae Ue To shake
Ra'ivavae Ugu To enter
Ra'ivavae Aʔo To decide
Ra'ivavae Hei Wreath. Circlet, necklet, garland, gorget (Stn).
Ra'ivavae Mai Hither
Ra'ivavae Maʔi Illness