Entries from Zamponi 1996 in Pollex-Online

Zamponi, R. (1996). "Multiple sources of glottal stop in Ra?ivavaean." Oceanic Linguistics 35(1): 6-20.

Language Item Description
Ra'ivavae Ma(g)ainu Bait (obs)
Ra'ivavae ʔAainu Bait Borrowed
Ra'ivavae Maatiga Fishing rod (obs.)
Ra'ivavae ʔAʔiga Fishing rod Borrowed
Ra'ivavae Maui Left (obs.)
Ra'ivavae (ʔ)Aʔa Root
Ra'ivavae ʔAoa To bark
Ra'ivavae ʔE Future/present particle
Ra'ivavae (ʔ)Upoʔo Head
Ra'ivavae Hapu(ʔ)u To be pregnant
Ra'ivavae (ʔ)Umu Oven
Ra'ivavae Hetiʔa, fetiʔa, hetu Star Problematic
Ra'ivavae Metiʔa (obs.), metuaa Parent Problematic
Ra'ivavae ʔOo Oh; yes
Ra'ivavae Ata To appear momentarily; cloud; cloud; shadow; reflection; experience
Ra'ivavae ʔAta Indication of the presence of anything
Ra'ivavae ʔIga Distinguishing mark
Ra'ivavae Iga Inflamatory diseases
Ra'ivavae Geo Voice
Ra'ivavae Geʔo To speak Problematic
Ra'ivavae Aaiʔa Banana
Ra'ivavae Haŋo, hano, haʔo To go Problematic
Ra'ivavae (V)agu Eight
Ra'ivavae (V)aanaŋa Sacred lore
Ra'ivavae (V)ahiine Woman, wife
Ra'ivavae Ho(g)o To run
Ra'ivavae Ve(g)u/ve(g)u Torn, ragged
Ra'ivavae Hoŋu, honu Turtle Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Mooaaŋa, moana Sea, ocean
Ra'ivavae (G)ahi Fire
Ra'ivavae V/a(g)u I
Ra'ivavae Maaŋego To itch Phonologically Irregular
Rurutu Maʔero To scratch Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Faito (modern), haito Measure
Ra'ivavae Fagego, hagego Variety of coral
Ra'ivavae Fata (modern), hata Altar
Ra'ivavae Faʔo, haŋo Having a nasal impediment to the speech
Ra'ivavae Hai Variety of fish (Himantura sp.). The sting-ray (Stn).
Ra'ivavae Haroa Variety of fish (Epinephelus tauvina)
Ra'ivavae Vahiie Kindling wood, sticks for a fire
Ra'ivavae Vaho The place outside
Ra'ivavae Gepe Comb of a bird
Ra'ivavae Gata(a) A small tree (Metrosideros)
Ra'ivavae Veʔa/veʔa Hot
Ra'ivavae ʔAaui Left
Ra'ivavae Paa To touch with; to splash
Ra'ivavae ʔOpe Clasp the arms and legs about Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae ʔAugiki Variety of the paper mulberry tree (Broussonetia papyrifera) Problematic
Ra'ivavae (ʔ)Uʔi To rub