Ra'ivavae entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
AN.QAHO Ao Light, as distinguished from darkness; daylight, open day...to become light, as at dawn; the upper world, world-of-light, the visible world; the universe (Stn)
OC.SOLO.1 Horo/mauŋa A landslide (Stn)
TA.ARE-ARE Age To be open (Zpn)
PN.QALELO Agego Tongue (Zpn)
PN.QALELO ʔArero Clitoris (Zpn)
PN.QANA.1 Ana Cave. Cave, cavern, grotto (Stn). (Zpn)
OC.QAOA (ʔ)Aoa Banyan tree (Ficus umbilicata) (Zpn)
EP.QEWE Eve Womb (of animals or men) (Stn)
CE.FEKII.B Heʔi Plantain (Musa paradisica) Borrowed (Zpn)
CE.GAKI.A ŋaʔi To occupy oneself with, apply oneself devotedly or intently to, strive for...; to fulfill, carry out Uncertain Semantic Connection (Stn)
FJ.LATA.2 Gata(a) A small tree (Metrosideros) (Zpn)
MP.GULU ʔUgu To grunt Problematic (Zpn)
MP.HAGA.1 Aŋa Span. To measure across the chest, as a stick or cord (Stn). (Zpn)
OC.A A Particle of personification, occurring before the names of persons, of personalized or of named objects... (Stn)
NP.KALE ʔAge Wave (Zpn)
MP.KAMI.1 Amiami Interior folds of the vagina. To move the vagina with a circular motion (Stn). Problematic (Zpn)
MP.KAMI.1 ʔAmiʔami Sphincter muscles . Problematic (Zpn)
CE.KANA.2 ʔAna To shine Uncertain Semantic Connection (Zpn)
PN.QAMO Amo To carry on the shoulder; to lift and set upon the shoulder (Stn)
PN.KEFU ʔEhu Sandy, reddish-brown (Zpn)
EO.KETE.A ʔEte Basket (Zpn)
PN.KILA.1 ʔI/ʔila/ To slip Problematic (Zpn)
AN.KILI.1 ʔIgi Skin of living creatures (Zpn)
MP.KOPI.A ʔOpe Clasp the arms and legs about Phonologically Irregular (Zpn)
EP.KOTI.2 ʔOti Fish variety (Zpn)
AN.RAKU Gaʔu To scrape Problematic (Zpn)
AN.LATA.1 Gata Be tame (Zpn)
AN.LAU.1A Gau leaf (Zpn)
EP.REPE Gepegepe, ʔepeʔepe Labia minora (Zpn)
AN.WAQE ʔAe/ʔae Legs of lobster or crab Problematic (Zpn)
OC.QOHO O To present food (Zpn)
EP.OPE.1 Ope To dig up (Zpn)
AN.QOTI.A Oti To finish (Zpn)
MP.PAA.1 Pa Fortification (Zpn)
PN.PAA.2B Paa To touch with; to splash (Zpn)
CE.PAPA-ARIGA Papagiŋa, papaʔiŋa Labia majora (???)
PN.MAUNU Ma(g)ainu Bait (obs) (Zpn)
PN.PA-SEKE Paheʔe To slip down, fall; to slide, as on anything slippery, or from a height (Stn)
PN.FAKA-SEKE Haʔaheʔe To slide down, as on a slope of dry grass or a wave; to cause oneself to slide down (Stn)
PN.SEKE.1A Heʔe To fall, descend; slip down, plunge (Stn)
EC.SEKE.1B Heʔe To drip, seep, percolate; to evacuate, defecate; to purge; to ebb (of the tide) (Stn)
CP.SEU Heu To lift off, remove (as a cover of a native oven); (obs.) to turn over (as a page, edge of a mat) (Stn)
EP.SEWA.B Heva To weep, lament, wail;to mourn; to howl (of dogs); a dirge, death-chant (Stn)
EP.AWE.B Hetu/ave A comet (Stn)
NP.SANI.1 Hangi Oral stimulation (Zpn)
NP.FENUA.*A Henua Land, country; soil, earth (Stn)
NP.SEMO Hemo To be out-distanced, overcome, surpassed (as in a contest or sport); to be vanquished, subdued, overcome (Stn)
EP.ATUA Atua The fourteenth night of the lunar cycle (Stn)
OC.QATU.1 Atu The bonito fish (Stn)
MP.QATUA Atua A god, divinity, deity.... (Stn)

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