Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Penu/toki Clamshell Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Pe/pa/taki Crossing of sticks in the start of a duel; to cross sticks or clubs in the above manner
Anuta Pe(ro) Only, simply, merely, just Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Petau Tree (Calophyllum kajewskii)
Anuta Pete/pete Songfest
Anuta Pe/tuki To box; boxing
Anuta Petuu Star
Anuta Pii- Prefix indicating disposal towards a particular state
Anuta Pi/inu Thirsty; thirst
Anuta Pi/pii, pii/ni To braid or plait sennit cord
Anuta Piki Stick sap (as that of breadfruit, Calophyllum and *mami* tree); glue; plastic, object made of plastic
Anuta Piko(piko) Crooked, twisted
Anuta Pi/pii/ngia Busy
Anuta Piri/pata A type of small lizard
Anuta Piri/piri Sacred necklet, worn by chiefs or persons who are the object of some special honor
Anuta Piri/piri Near [may be TIK word]
Anuta Piri/pirii/mata, pi/viri/mata Eyelash
Anuta Piti Risen (?)
Anuta Piti Vanikoro, Reef Islands and Duff Islands
Anuta Pito Full (not empty); high tide
Anuta Po(o) To clap hands, as in keeping rhythm for a dance
Anuta Puaka "Pig", a slovenly person
Anuta Poki To return
Anuta Poki Also; again
Anuta Pono General assembly of the island; any council of a political nature; to meet in council
Anuta Pongo/i/patu A hole going through a rock; perforation
Anuta Pongoiu Nostril
Anuta Poore To peel something
Anuta Popo/a To smell like rotten meat, bird or fish
Anuta Popoo (popou?) To hold something (generally followed by *atu* or *mai*)
Anuta Poumuri A kind of tree (Securinega flexuosa)
Anuta Pua Ventral fins of a fish Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Pua/ngapuru Ten
Anuta (E) pua te rau One hundred
Anuta Pua rai Large (in circumference) [ex. belly]
Anuta Pua rua Large double-hulled canoe Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Pua/a/vae Calf of leg
Anuta Pua/i Egg
Anuta Pua/i/rao Testicle
Anuta Puaki To transfer something from one's own mouth to that of another
Anuta Pue Plant sp. (Ipomoea brasiliense)
Anuta Puke To grab, catch, hold (us. with *atu* or *mai*)
Anuta Puke/puke To wrestle; wrestling match
Anuta Puku Protuberance
Anuta Puku Erection of the penis
Anuta Punga Top surface of something
Anuta Punga Coral stone abrader
Anuta Punga pare Ceiling, roof
Anuta Punga/a/vaka Deck of ship or top of canoe
Anuta Pungoai Parent-in-law, child-in-law