Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Roto Inside (n, adj)
Anuta Roto A hole in the reef on the ocean floor; deep sea
Anuta Roto Mind (the inside of a man)
Anuta (Nga) roto/pui Large depressions at the base of the mountain, in which Cyrtosperema [taro] is planted
Anuta Roto/purotu Extremely wise
Anuta Rotu Pray; prayer
Anuta Ruru Hawk; owl
Anuta Ruru-i To shake
Anuta Ruu To shake; to convulse
Anuta Ta Sounding board, used to keep rhythm at a dance
Anuta Ta Upset stomach
Anuta Pai taakaro To fool around; to play at making string figures
Anuta Taaki To take out
Anuta Taane Male
Anuta Taa/neva To jump
Anuta Taaputu A type of fish...(pompano?)
Anuta Tae/piko(piko) Intestines
Anuta Taina Sibling of same sex; sibling-in-law of opposite sex
Anuta Taka Something which stands all alone (like an unmarried person)
Anuta Takai To stir something such as pudding, rice, or soup
Anuta Taka/paki To step on or trample something
Anuta Taka/vakai Circular; to turn around
Anuta Takoto To lie down
Anuta Taku vai ai? Who said that? (idiomatic expression)
Anuta Takua To be used for something Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Takura Marlin; swordfish
Anuta Tama Child (in kinship sense); offspring
Anuta Pakaaropa Causing sympathy; designating persons belonging to the lower two of the four *kainanga*: "commoner"
Anuta Tama pakaaropa Orphan
Anuta Tamaapine Daughter
Anuta Tanaki To gather, to be together; together
Anuta Tanga/a/vae Ceremonial "kilt" of plaited pandanus leaf
Anuta Tangi/karanga To shout, whoop, cry out, call out; to bark (of a dog)
Anuta Tango To catch by hand (usually refers to hunting birds)
Anuta Tango/tango To hunt birds by grabbing them by hand or with a pole and noose
Anuta Tanguru The sound of very strong wind
Anuta Tao/ria To be struck by a projectile such as an arrow or spear
Anuta Tapa To cut the stomach of a fish in order to remove the gut
Anuta Tapa Excellent, top notch, best; most Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Tapaki To stand in, to step in Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Tare Cough (n,v)
Anuta Tari To carry, move or transport a large number of objects from one place to another
Anuta Tari/matanga Loop for catching sharks and other large fish
Anuta Taringa/atua Mushroom
Anuta Tari/paki-na To wait (for)
Anuta Ta/ta To wash or clean something
Anuta Ta/ta To grate manioc on a *paota*
Anuta Ta/taarai Chip design in carving; decorated with a chip design
Anuta Ta/tape To flow, run (referring to water)
Anuta Ta/tari To wait (generally used in imperative constructions)