Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Mounu Bait
Anuta Mua To go first
Anuta Muni/muni A game in which people hide
Anuta Mungaarai Forehead
Anuta Muri Back, the rear portion of something
Anuta Rongo To hear
Anuta Namu To bleach one's hair by the application of a suspension of lime (calcium hydroxide) in salt water Problematic
Anuta Na/namu To have an unpleasant odour, to stink; sour, pungent or other disagreeable odour, such as the smell of *ma*, or rotten fish
Anuta Nepu Fog
Anuta Neve/nga A load carried by a woman by tying it to her back with a strip of barkcloth
Anuta Nima atamai Right arm, right hand
Anuta Niu mata Young coconut
Anuta Niu matuu Mature coconut (before the stage where the liquid congeals to form the *oko*)
Anuta Niu motomoto Coconut before it has become fully mature and fallen from the tree
Anuta Niu vi Green coconut Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Nono, nounou Short
Anuta No/noa Promise (n,v) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta No/nongi To ask for something; a request
Anuta Noo/kapa A belt made from sennit cord
Anuta No/(u)ua To hang by the neck
Anuta Ngauta Landward, ashore, inland, toward the centre of the island
Anuta -nga Substantive suffix, often used to change a verb to a noun
Anuta Ng/aaio Calm weather; sometimes used as generic term for weather
Anuta Ngaki To be short of wind Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Ngao, ngau A kind of bird Problematic
Anuta Nga(a)/pure Married man
Anuta Ngaru Breakers, surf
Anuta Ngatara A kind of reef fish...
Anuta Ngau To chew
Anuta Ngavari Slack (as a fishing line)
Anuta Ngo Prefix indicating that an object has in some way been altered in such a manner as to prepare it for use (e.g. ngo-ika 'piece of cooked fish', ngo-paka 'piece of tobacco ready for smoking') Problematic
Anuta Ngongo A type of bird
Anuta Ngutu korekore To curse someone or shout in anger
Anuta Nguu A hum or soft groan; to utter such a sound
Anuta O Of
Anuta Oka Transverse beams supporting roof of house
Anuta Oke To remove the husk from a coconut
Anuta One(one) Beach; beach sand
Anuta Ono Six
Anuta Oro Go (plural)
Anuta Oti/ka And then
Anuta Ou To come
Anuta Ova atu, o atu To give, to present with
Anuta Pa To be hoarse (E pa na reo)
Anuta Pa(a) Traditional fishing lure with pearl shell "spoon" and turtle shell or green snail hook; necklace made from same
Anuta Paaoa People
Anuta Pa(a)/pai To split an object; to divide objects into two or more groups; to break, to destroy
Anuta Paa/teve A kind of plant (Tacca leontopetaloides)
Anuta Paa/tio, paka/tio To look (in a direction)
Anuta Faau To grab something