Entries from Ranby 1980 in Pollex-Online

Ranby, P. (1980). A Nanumea Lexicon. Canberra, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific Studies, The Australian National University.

Language Item Description
Tuvalu Alofi-vae Sole of foot
Tuvalu Mau/aluga/ Above
Tuvalu Ami Crayfish roe
Tuvalu Amo/amo Anoint with oil (NTO)
Tuvalu Amo Coconut fibre twisted ready for string-making
Tuvalu Amo Carry on shoulder; carrying stick
Tuvalu Ana Cave
Tuvalu Naa/tafaata Yesterday
Tuvalu Naa te ahoo Ancient
Tuvalu Naafea When? (in the past)
Tuvalu Naapoo Last night
Tuvalu Naapogipogi This (past) morning, that (past) morning
Tuvalu Ane Insect sp.: termite
Tuvalu Ano Game like volleyball; to play ano; woven ball used in this game
Tuvalu Anu (v.)
Tuvalu Anufe Caterpillar
Tuvalu Ao/faki Total
Tuvalu Ao Liquidless coconut
Tuvalu Aogaa Useful
Tuvalu Faka/aoga/ To use
Tuvalu Apai Lift, carry (= hapai). Use two hands to raise or lift something (Jsn).
Tuvalu Apo Graceful, handsome of body; grace, fine appearance; proficient, accomplished (generally applied to actions, e.g. dancing, car driving)
Tuvalu Ahi Sandalwood (I)
Tuvalu Ahi Visit
Tuvalu A/ahi/ Visit (Pl.)
Tuvalu Aho Day (24 hour period)
Tuvalu Ahu Bail a canoe; a bailer
Tuvalu Ata Dawn
Tuvalu Ata Reflection, shadow
Tuvalu Atafai Careful, properly, correct
Tuvalu Atamai Skilful, able; skill, ability
Tuvalu Ate Liver
Tuvalu Aatea Clear (of space)
Tuvalu Ati Fetch (of fire only)
Tuvalu Ato Thatch
Tuvalu Atu Group or chain of islands
Tuvalu Atule A fish
Tuvalu Au I, me
Tuvalu Au Current (of sea)
Tuvalu Auga Blister
Tuvalu Aukau Pus, mucous (Bsr)
Tuvalu Aumai Bring, give, send to speaker
Tuvalu Autala Remove spines from Pandanus leaves (in preparation for weaving) (Jackson)
Tuvalu Ava Passage through reef
Tuvalu Avaa- Preposed numeral marker for pairs of objects
Tuvalu Aavaga Marry, spouse, intended spouse
Tuvalu Avatu Give, send, take (away from speaker)
Tuvalu E Continuous or habitual action, permanent or abiding state
Tuvalu E Agent marker
Tuvalu Ee Yes (NAN)