Entries from Ranby 1980 in Pollex-Online

Ranby, P. (1980). A Nanumea Lexicon. Canberra, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific Studies, The Australian National University.

Language Item Description
Tuvalu Hiki Shift a house; replant
Tuvalu Nanu Speak gibberish, or indistinctly. To be incoherent, to mumble (Jsn).
Tuvalu Ui/ga Meaning. About, concerning, regarding (Jsn).
Tuvalu Kiki To eat one food with another; to mix foods in the mouth. Protein (may refer to meat, fish or anything else eaten with rice, *pulaka* etc.; to eat protein or other food with rice (Jsn).
Tuvalu Kiina/ga Non-vegetable food contributed by family to communal feast (consists of pork, fish or chicken and forms part of the *fakaluaga*).
Tuvalu Lagi/lagi Send on frequent errands
Tuvalu Lagi An agreement as to how much food should be provided for a gathering in *aahiga*.
Tuvalu Lefu(lefu) Ashes
Tuvalu Ifo Bow down in prayer. To beg, humbly request; to give up, capitulate, surrender (Jsn).
Tuvalu Vae lua a poo. Valuaapoo (Jsn). Midnight