Entries from Ranby 1980 in Pollex-Online

Ranby, P. (1980). A Nanumea Lexicon. Canberra, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific Studies, The Australian National University.

Language Item Description
Tuvalu Kapo Catch and hold animates
Tuvalu Kapoa Ground Shark
Tuvalu Kapu Cuplike container; mouthful
Tuvalu Kapu Covered
Tuvalu Kaapui Tie coconut leaves around the base of tree as prohibition
Tuvalu Kahi Mussel
Tuvalu Kasi A fish
Tuvalu Kaho Small runner, parallel to rafters, to which thatch is fixed
Tuvalu Kahoa Necklace consisting of paa fish-hook
Tuvalu Kahokaho Rib bones
Tuvalu Kata Laugh, laughter
Tuvalu Lau katafa Bird's Nest Fern
Tuvalu Katea Clear side of canoe and hence righthand side
Tuvalu Kato Box with lid
Tuvalu Katoa All, the full complement
Tuvalu Katuli Portulaca varieties, (Pilea microphylla)
Tuvalu Kau Be a member of a group, team, crew
Tuvalu Kau Stick
Tuvalu Kau Handle; stalk
Tuvalu Kau Be a member of a group, team, crew etc (Ranby) to join, associate with, to attend, to be included in an activity (Jackson)
Tuvalu Kauvae Chin
Tuvalu Kaugutu Edge of box etc.; rim of cup, bowl, etc.
Tuvalu Kaukau Have a bath
Tuvalu Kaupapa Reef; flat area of rock
Tuvalu Kauvaka Crew
Tuvalu Kava Plant sp. (Piper methysticum)
Tuvalu Ka/kava Feeling in mouth when thirsty; sour
Tuvalu Kava/liki Small to medium-sized fish sp.
Tuvalu Kave To take (Jackson)
Tuvalu Ka/kave/ Carry
Tuvalu Kave Sibling
Tuvalu Avega load, responsibility (Jackson) Problematic
Tuvalu Kavei Cords used to fasten to tree the stick upon which one stands while picking nuts
Tuvalu Kavei Tentacle
Tuvalu Kaviki Seashore crab sp
Tuvalu Ke So that, in order to
Tuvalu Kea Thrush
Tuvalu Kea Small turtle; person with small head
Tuvalu Kefu Fawn-coloured insect
Tuvalu Kefu/kefu Light (of any colour)
Tuvalu Kele Soil
Tuvalu Kelemutu Earthworm
Tuvalu Keli Dig
Tuvalu Kemo Blink (of eye), twinkle (of light)
Tuvalu Kenu Dig
Tuvalu Kehe Different, be different
Tuvalu Kete Basket
Tuvalu Ketu Hop
Tuvalu Keu Push one's way
Tuvalu Keu/keu Try hard