Entries from Moyle 2011 in Pollex-Online

Richard M.Moyle, Takuu Grammar and Dictionary. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics 634.

Language Item Description
Takuu Muka/muka Still soft, weak, of something that will become hard, such as a young coconut, or a child's bones
Takuu Taa maunu Catch bait fish using hand nets and assistants
Takuu Tapaa- Piece or bit of something; small, diminutive
Takuu Hiiunu Thirsty; thirst
Takuu Mannii Menstruate Phonologically Irregular
Takuu Tautasi One coconut; only child (or only one of its sex) born to a couple
Takuu Kau Loop of fishing line tied to the base of a tuna fishing pole to which the hooks of the several fishing lines are attached when not in use
Takuu Mata- In compounds denoting an opening or entrance
Takuu Mata/tootoka Doorway
Takuu Huahua/a rima Muscle of the upper arm or forearm
Takuu Huahua/a Muscle of the calf or thigh
Takuu P/pae (of canoe) Come alongside, dock, come up against a wharf or pier
Takuu Aru/aru Hurry, rush
Takuu Tuku raa Lower a canoe sail
Takuu Tuku/na Location where shark fishing occurs...
Takuu T/tuku (Of wind) let up, subside, abate
Takuu Tapa Lower hem of a laplap while worn; small piece of cloth
Takuu Tau/haa Constellation: Four stars in Pegasus, outlining a square...
Takuu Tau/rima Constellation of five stars within Corvus...
Takuu Haiaavana Related as spouses