Entries from Capell 1973 in Pollex-Online

Capell, A. (1973). A new Fijian dictionary. Suva, Government Printer.

Language Item Description
Fijian Vutu Tie (flowers) in bundles
Fijian I/loloi Second lot of coconut milk added in making coconut oil
Fijian Yali Go, come (old Ra usage) (JW) Problematic
Fijian Tuku-ca To let down something hanging by loosening the rope
Fijian Tau Prefix with numerals expressing collectives
West Futuna Tuamata Upper eyelid
West Futuna Ta(x)/ta/roa To cleanse
Fijian Taa To dip in and take with a basket or shovel
Fijian Dravu/dravu/a Covered with ashes; grey in colour; poor, poverty
Fijian Sivo Debased, put down, out of office