#2: Interjections.

Reconstruction Description
A-IA There it is!, that's it!; interjection of approval
AE Yes: *a(a)e
ARI Wait! Exclamation of surprise: *ari(a)
AVEA Wait a moment (Hwd)
E.3 Vocative particle (pre- or postposed): *e(e)
EE Yes
EI Vocative
FATOTO Eat then! (Term used in anger)
IA.4 Interjection
IO.1 Yes
KA-ATI-RA That's enough
KA-ITOQA Expression of satisfaction at misfortune of others
KAI-TAQE "Eat feces" - exclamation of abuse or contempt
MOI.1 Word used to call dog or pig
OFA Greeting
OI.2 Exclamation of surprise or distress
OO.2 Yes, response to call: *(q)oo
OTI-RA That's all
PEQI An exclamation (Rby): *pe(q)i
QAROFA.B Greeting
QAUEE Express sorrow or pain; interjection of sorrow or pain
SOI.3 Interjection expressing exasperation
TEENAA-KOE A greeting
TULI-TULI (Exclamation indicating) excessive noisiness
UA.3 Yes: *ua(a)

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