#58: Non verbal Communication and Expression.

Reconstruction Description
AGO.2 Make lines; set limits on, delimit, demarcate
AU-MISI Grieve
FAA-QITA.* Grimace, make faces
FAKA-KITE Show, reveal; revelation, omen; disclose, inform
FAKA-LESI Deceive; *faka(le)lesi
FAKA-POI Feint, make threatening gesture
FAKA-QILO-GA Mark, sign; to mark, distinguish by a mark
FAKA-QITA Bare the teeth, grimace (Clk): *fa(k)a-qita
FAKA-TUU Aggressive display
FEREI.* Expose eyeball
FIO Whistle
FULE.A Peel, uncover
KAMO.1 Beckon; make sign with hand or eye
KATA.1 Laugh
KOO-FURE Expose by turning inside out
KUKINA Sound of impact; some aspect of vocal sound
MAPU Whistle, breathe hard
MISI.B Sound made with the lips
NAKO Decorate, make designs on
OLI.2 Brandish a weapon (as challenge)
POLO.2 Mark; to make a mark
QAAUGA Gesture, especially in dance
QALO.2 Beckon, wave
QILO-GA Sign, mark (n); distinguished by a mark
SOGI Smell v.t., touch noses in greeting
TA-QALO Beckon, signal with the hand
TAU-TAU Quarrel
TEU.1 To tidy up, put in order, decorate
TII-TOI Retract foreskin; masturbate; insult
TOHU.2 Point out, indicate
TOSI.2 Score, draw (e.g. a line), mark, write
TUGAKI Make a sign with head or face, nod
TUMA.2 Frown, look angry
TUSI Mark or adorn with colour, brand
TUSU.A Point (to), indicate: *tusu-qi >> *tusi
TUUGAKI Signal fire
TUULOU Expression of deference; to bow
TUUMATATEGA Mourning; feel sad, grieve
VILI.2 Draw lots, decide by lot

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