#63: Animal Behaviour.

Reconstruction Description
AOA Bark (of dog): *ao(a)
FAKA-TOO.A Cause to fall, drop; lay (egg)
FUNA.4 Moult
KAPA-KAPA.A Flap wings *kapa(-kapa)
KETE-KETE Chirp, chatter (of birds); cluck (as hen); click with tongue
KIO.1A Chirp, cheep
KOKOO Cluck, crow (noises of fowls)
KOO.2A Bark (of dog)
KOO.2B Make sound (of fowls, birds, other species); call (of humans)
KOPA.4 Flap wing, fly
KORO.2 Bark (of dog)
KOTO.1 Cackle (of hen)
LATA.1 Tame, domesticated, familiar
LOFA.2 Extended, spread out (e.g.of a bird's wings)
MA-LOFA To be spread out
QAU.3 Howl, bark (as a dog): *(q)au
TAE-WAO Wild (not tame): *tae(tae)wao
TAFA.3 Soar
TAQO.3B Sit on eggs
TIFA.2 Soar, swerve
TII-TAFA Swerve to one side, slant
TIMO.2 Peck (as a bird)
TIO.1 Cheep, chirp
TITO Peck (Clk)
TOGI.1B Peck, nibble
TOKO.1B Perch; to perch, roost

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