Protoform: KINI.2B [SO] Blow strongly, of wind (Rby)

Description: Blow strongly, of wind (Rby)
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to SO: Samoic-Outlier Polynesian

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Futuna Kini Siffler (en parlant du vent) (Gzl)
Niue Kini/kini Be choppy (of the sea) (<cE) Problematic (Sph)
Nukumanu K/kini Extremely, most (post-verbal) (Trt)
Rennellese Kini To buffet (of the wind) (Ebt)
Takuu K/kini (of the sun) Intense, very hot; have a bitter taste, pungent smell Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
Tokelau Ki/kini/ Lash (as the wind); swing hard (e.g. of a net) (Sma)

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