Reconstruction Level: TA - Tahitic

Reconstruction Description
KOO-TARE.1 Kingfisher (Halcyon sp.)
KOO-TARE.2 Orphan, bereaved person, pauper
KOO-TAWA.1 Bonito (Euthynnis sp.)
KOO-TEO Small projection
KOO-UMA Breastbone of human being
KUFENE. ??: *ku(f)ene
INA-INA Singe a pig; expose to radiant heat
I-NAAKUANEI Just now, earlier today
RAGI-TOTO Placename
RAKOA.1 Sea bird sp.
RASU Seize, snatch, meddle with
RAUPO Bulrush: *raupo(o)
RAU-TAO Leaves used to cover or wrap food in earth-oven
RERU.* Food-pounder; to pound food: *reru ~ *rure
REMU.2 Moss
RIAKI To rise, lift up
RITO.B Juice, liquid from plant
RORE Stilts
ROTU.1 Spell, charm
RUA-ROA Solstice
RUKI Dark, of night as opposed to day
RUNAGA Council, assembly, community
MAGOO-ROA The Milky Way
MAGU.1 Black
MA-SEMO Slip out; miscarry
MAHOI Supernatural being
MAI-MAI Call to approach
MAITU Fourteenth night of the moon (Grn)
MA-KAO Sprout
MAKA-TEA Dead coral of raised reef
MAANIANIA Disturbance, noise
MANO TINI Number indefinitely large
MAOA Limp, languid
MASARA Recollect, think about
MATUKU.B A demon heron killed by Rata
MAURU Content, pleased
MESO Rail (Porzana sp.)
METO Extinguished, destroyed
MIRA ? Fasten, make fast
MIRI Embalm a corpse
MOE-NANU Talk in one's sleep
MOKORAA Grey Duck (Anas superciliosa) (Clk)
MOKOTUA Backbone
MOMO.C Offspring
MOTI.2 Bounded, limited; finished
MURA Glow red, as a fire or the sky; flame

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