Reconstruction Level: TA - Tahitic

Reconstruction Description
MURI-GA Last-born child
NAKO Decorate, make designs on
NANA.2 Raise, rise
NEINEI Tree sp
NINA Cover, devastate
NOKO.1B Stern of a canoe
PAA-FATA Shelf or platform
PA-FURE Abraded, skinned
PAGE Prop up, support
PAA-INA To expose to heat
PAA-KARE Sinking or empty feeling in the stomach
PAKARI Hard, strong, mature
PAKI-HIWI.* Shoulder: *paki(f,s)iwi
PA-KIKO.1 Skinned: *pa(a)-kiko
PA-KIKO.2 Finished, arranged
PAKORA Dry (of land or tidal flat)
PAA-RAU Pearl-oyster, pearl-shell
PARI.2 Flood tide
PARI.1 Chop, adze
PA-ANU Drift, float freely
PAPI Movements in sexual intercourse: *pap(e,i,ii)
PA-PII Splash
PA-SERU Rummage, search through
PATA.4 Fillip, flick with fingers
PAA-TARATARA Serrated, saw-toothed; having sharp points on surface
PAATEE.2 Tug on rope or line
PAA-TITI Drive in (as a nail, stake)
PAA-TOKI Refuse, oppose, protest
PAA-TOO-TOO.* Knock repeatedly
PATU.1B. Mallet or club
PATU.3 Build in stone
PAA-UA Mat plaited from coconut fronds
PEHA Bit, part
PEKE.1A Ascend, climb, leap
PERE.1 To go, roam round
PERE.3 Dart, n.
PENU.B Pestle, pounder
PEU.2 Custom, habit
PIPI.3 Disciple, student, learner
PITI To add something
POHUTU.2 To splash: *po(o)(f,s)utu
POO-FATU.2 Small tree or bush sp. (Sophora tomentosa) (Grf)
POO-REHO Cowrie-shell (Cypraea sp.): *poo-re(f,s)o
POPO.2 Pointed, sharp
PUU.4 Origin
PUKE.6 Prefix marking dual number

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