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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
New Zealand Maori PN.QAU-HULU A(a)uru Pluck up (of weeds), destroy (as floodwaters destroying vegetation on banks), as scrofula destroying flesh
East Futuna OC.FULA.1 Fu/fula/ Swollen, as a boil
East Uvea OC.FULA.1 Fu/fula Enflé
Niue OC.FULA.1 Fu/fula/ To swell
Samoan OC.FULA.1 Fula Swell, swelling ; dropsy of the belly. Class of illness marked by swelling of tissues (McP).
Samoan OC.FULA.1 Fu(la)/fula Be swollen (frequentative)
Tokelau OC.FULA.1 Fula Be swollen
Tongan OC.FULA.1 Fula Swell up as result of breaking tapu ; tumour, hard swelling
Tongan OC.FULA.1 Fu/fula Swell up, out; pout or blow out the cheeks .To swell, a swelling
West Uvea OC.FULA.1 Fu/fula Gonfler, enfler, bomber; enflure. Eléphantiasis [Heo Dialect]
Takuu NP.FULA.2 Fula Type of dance; dance in this style
East Futuna PN.KASIKASI Kasi Scrofula
East Uvea PN.KASIKASI Kahi Scrofula
Tongan PN.KASIKASI Kahi Diseased swellings, scrofula on neck, piles
East Futuna NP.LAFU.2 Lafulafu Stérile (pour la terre) Problematic
East Futuna PN.FAKA-FULA Faka/fu/fula Commencer à enfler
East Futuna PN.FAKA-FULA Fakafula/saa Suppurer (plaie); s'infecter à nouveau (furoncle qui repart)
Tongan PN.FAKA-FULA Fakafula Causative of fula (to swell)
Niue PN.FAKA-FULA Faka/fu/fula To cause to swell
Samoan XW.LAFU.3 Lafu/lafu (adv. lafulafu/aa) Barren, unproductive, exhausted (of land)
Niuafo'ou OC.FULA.1 Fu/fula To swell (as abscess)
Tuvalu OC.FULA.1 Fu/fula To swell, swollen