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21 Results matching "lepe" in entry:

Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
East Uvea PN.FAKA-PELEPELE Fakapelepele Caresser, cajoler, traiter avec égards, avoir des préférences pour
Samoan PN.FAKA-PELEPELE Faʔapelepele To take care of, to make much of
Tongan PN.FAKA-PELEPELE Fakapelepele To pet, to make a pet of, treat with indulgence or favouritism; treat (a thing) with special care
Hawaiian CE.KOO-REPE ʔOolepe Tear asunder, peel off (as shingles in a gale; turne (as something on hinges
Niue PN.LEPE Lepe/ti To knock down (of solid objects)
Pukapuka PN.LEPE Lepe/tia Broken, smashed
Samoan PN.LEPE Ta/lepe/ Break up, smash (of houses, boats, boxes)
West Uvea PN.LEPE Lepe-a Détruire
Hawaiian EP.REPE Lepe Hem, fringe, loose attachement (as of torn cloth or flesh); rooster comb, turkey wattles
Hawaiian EP.REPE Lepe/lepe Fringed, wattles; labia minor
Pukapuka EP.REPE Lepe Testicles, also female genitals (prob. labia)
Tokelau PN.FAKA-PELEPELE Fakapelepele Be affectionate, show affection; treasure highly, value highly
Hawaiian PN.TUPE.1 (ʔOolepe) kupe A bivalve
Tongan PN.LEPE Lepe/si Diviser, déchirer, détruire
Samoan PN.MA-LEPE Malepe To be broken, come to pieces (of things which are put together or made, such as boats, boxes, houses).
Tokelau PN.MA-LEPE Malepe Disintegrate, be disintegrated
West Uvea PN.MA-LEPE Malepe Tomber, s'effondrer
Tongan PN.MA-LEPE Molepe Tomber en déconfiture Phonologically Irregular
East Uvea PN.MA-LEPE Malepe Tomber en quantité, tomber en déconfiture
Tuvalu PN.LEPE Lepe Pull down a house, break into pieces
Tuvalu PN.MA-LEPE Malepe To be broken, destroyed, demolished. Broken down (Rby).