Entries from Carroll & Soulik 1973 in Pollex-Online

Carroll, V. and T. Soulik (1973). Nukuoro Lexicon. Honolulu, University Press of Hawaii.

Language Item Description
Nukuoro Haangoda Fishing
Nukuoro Hai Do, make, use,
Nukuoro Hai Have sexual intercourse
Nukuoro Hai Be in the relationship of; having a [with kin terms]
Nukuoro Haiava Road, pathway (for going), track; ocean liner
Nukuoro Hai ngaohie Easy
Nukuoro Hai ngadaa Difficult
Nukuoro Hoimanu Eagle Ray
Nukuoro Hai dama Pregnant
Nukuoro Hai damana The relationship between father (or other male elder) and child (or one treated as a child)
Nukuoro Haaide Measure (exactly)
Nukuoro Haitoga Opening for a door or window
Nukuoro Haiva Work, activity, occupation
Nukuoro Haga-. Haa-, haka-(Crn). Causative
Nukuoro Haga/edeede/ Balance precariously
Nukuoro Hagahana Reheat cooked food
Nukuoro Hagahoa A boil on the body, abscess
Nukuoro Hagaida To bare one's teeth by opening the lips
Nukuoro Hagaida/ida Cry uncontrollably; a disturbance of breathing
Nukuoro Hakaa Sharpen (a knife); rub against; husk of the coconut
Nukuoro Hakai An ear ring
Nukuoro Hagalanu Rinse off salt water from the body (with fresh water)
Nukuoro Galele A method of fishing (casting with a pole) for tuna Problematic
Nukuoro Hagaali To mention or expose something just enough so that the remainder is obvious
Nukuoro Hagallongo Listen to, pay attention to, be aware of
Nukuoro Hagamau Tie up (by winding rope around a pole)
Nukuoro Hagababa Become engaged to marry; prepare for, make ready Problematic
Nukuoro Hagasege/sege Surf-riding (for amusement)
Nukuoro Hagadangi Play (a musical instrument)
Nukuoro Hala. Fara, hara (Crn). Pandanus
Nukuoro Haalala Stand leaning
Nukuoro Holau. Horau (Crn). Canoe house. A boat-shed.
Nukuoro Hale. Fare, hare (Crn). House
Nukuoro Hale goloa Store
Nukuoro Haaligi Wrap around, line with
Nukuoro Haalo Extend one’s hand, reach out; expect things from others, and accept too readily
Nukuoro Hanu Some. A little (Crn).
Nukuoro Haanau Born, give birth to
Nukuoro Hano Go (Singular)
Nukuoro Hhao Fill, stuff into
Nukuoro Hao Drill through, burrow
Nukuoro Hadi Broken (as a stick), bent up
Nukuoro Hadi de uga Curvature of a fish line when angling (due to underwater current)
Nukuoro Haadi/nga Curve (e.g. of a road)
Nukuoro Hadinga Joint (of an arm or leg)
Nukuoro Hadiugu A unit of linear measure (from the end of an outstretched hand to the bent elbow of the other arm
Nukuoro Hadu/ me llanga Lay out plaited work
Nukuoro Hadu muna. Ha-tu-muna (Crn). Lie (tell a falsehood)
Nukuoro Hadu Stone, rock
Nukuoro Hadu Thick (not watery)