Entries from Carroll & Soulik 1973 in Pollex-Online

Carroll, V. and T. Soulik (1973). Nukuoro Lexicon. Honolulu, University Press of Hawaii.

Language Item Description
Nukuoro Ava Relief, be relieved
Nukuoro Haga/ava(ava) Relieve; provide or receive support (continually)
Nukuoro Hakide To reveal oneself to someone (of a ghost); to show (familiarize with)
Nukuoro Haga/v/vela Hot (of the weather)
Nukuoro Hagaangiangi Expose to a breeze
Nukuoro Gainga Trash, garbage; braided dead coconut fronds used in buttressing the sides of *uinga*
Nukuoro Gainga o de moana Fish (when abundant in the ocean nearby)
Nukuoro Gelo Deep; profound (of thoughts or feelings); deepest part of communal fishing net, where the fish are trapped
Nukuoro Geelo/nga A depression (in the reef or ground etc.)
Nukuoro Dagelo Bottom, foundation Phonologically Irregular
Nukuoro Henuu Method of plaiting
Nukuoro Madamada a me A miscellaneous assortment
Nukuoro Mau To finish defecating
Nukuoro Oho/oho Frightened by noise
Nukuoro Laba A dancing paddle
Nukuoro Laba ngaungau A stalk of the elephant-ear plant [Alocasia]
Nukuoro Loma Very calm, silent
Nukuoro Lol/lolo Oily
Nukuoro Vaa/dagidahi Scattered (not in a cluster)
Nukuoro Vava Leaky
Nukuoro Vava de gede Forgetful (esp. with increasing age)
Nukuoro Vava de gudu Talkative, indiscreet
Nukuoro Laagau Wood, stick (of wood)
Nukuoro Mahulu Wakefulness
Nukuoro Hai hegau Work (v)
Nukuoro Dau soa Boyfriend, girlfriend; couple (not married), going steady (of an unmarried couple)
Nukuoro Gango Burned (overcooked food)
Nukuoro Daudahi Only, alone (just one)
Nukuoro Malinga/linga Sideburns (of hair)
Nukuoro Alu/kaba Leave quickly (usually under duress)
Nukuoro Alu/alu/mia Send away
Nukuoro Hagalau Make a total of one hundred
Nukuoro Haga/tugu To crouch down
Nukuoro Dugu de laa Lower sail
Nukuoro Duugunga o de henua Customs of the island (Nukuoro)
Nukuoro Dugu To permit, allow
Nukuoro Ngaengae To become dizzy in the water
Nukuoro Boo dolu de gulu The third day after breadfruit has been picked (after which it is not good to eat)
Nukuoro Hai de boo (o) Celebrate the birthday (of)
Nukuoro Dau gulu Breadfruit season
Nukuoro Daa To wash clothes
Nukuoro Hagalua Make a total of two
Nukuoro Sigi Transfer (from one place to another), transplant