Entries from Churchward 1940 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1940). Rotuman grammar and dictionary. Sydney, Australian Medical Publishing Company.

Language Item Description
Rotuman Hofu Rise (of the moon); emerge (especially from interior at coast)
Rotuman Hofu Rise, of the moon
Rotuman Foʔou New Borrowed
Rotuman Hu Lower end (used of trees)
Rotuman Hue Fruit
Rotuman Fuaʔa To be jealous or envious . Borrowed
Rotuman Fuafua Baby Mullet Borrowed
Rotuman Huhu Pull up, out Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rotuman Fuʔfuʔi To rinse, wash by pressing and beating, as clothes .> Borrowed
Rotuman Husila (Aplonis) (Clark 1994)
Rotuman Huʔe Uncover
Rotuman Hu/hula Swell, through disease
Rotuman Furi To turn round or end for end Borrowed
Rotuman Furu Pile, nap Borrowed
Rotuman Funa Core, of breadfruit only Borrowed
Rotuman Hufa Float on a fishing net
Rotuman Futi Pull Borrowed
Rotuman Futi Banana varieties Borrowed
Rotuman Hufu Tree sp. (Barringtonia)
Rotuman Gao Jawbone
Rotuman Gaogao Uninhabited, vacant (of land, house); without, destitute of; alone, unaccompanied
Rotuman Gata To terminate, be bounded or limited or restricted Borrowed
Rotuman Giagia Tree with large red inedible fruit, very sappy wood, flowers white with five petals
Rotuman Gogo Small black seabird with white forehead
Rotuman Nuju Mouth
Rotuman Aga Fathom Problematic
Rotuman Aga To face Borrowed
Rotuman Saghulu Ten
Rotuman Seʔe Upwards
Rotuman Sala Road
Rotuman Sio Down, downwards
Rotuman Jio Bottom; pointed end of a coconut Problematic
Rotuman Sine Shine, lamp, star
Rotuman Sigoa Namesake, person of same name
Rotuman Soge Starve; starving; afflicted with famine; famine
Rotuman Soʔa To husk coconut; dig with a pointed stick
Rotuman Hua Wash away (of sea washing away shore) . Problematic
Rotuman Susu Breast, udder, teat, nipple; milk
Rotuman Sui Bone, skeleton
Rotuman Sui Unloose, undo, untie, unbind; disentangle; take off clothes
Rotuman Suru Enter
Rotuman Hahiʔa (Syzygium malaccensis)
Rotuman Kafa Wounded in war Problematic
Rotuman Kafo Discharge from mouth or nose of corpse Problematic
Rotuman ʔAa Eat
Rotuman ʔAi Tree, wood
Rotuman ʔAe /kai/ seʔea Serves you right
Rotuman Kainaga Clan, tribe, race, nation Borrowed
Rotuman Kala Penis Borrowed
Rotuman Kalae Bird with long legs and red beak Problematic