Entries from Churchward 1940 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1940). Rotuman grammar and dictionary. Sydney, Australian Medical Publishing Company.

Language Item Description
Rotuman ʔAi Root up, chop off close to ground Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rotuman Kari To scrape, especially so as to roughen or damage Borrowed
Rotuman ʔAlusi Kind of lizard
Rotuman Kamkama Rock crab Borrowed
Rotuman ʔAnasi Jumping mullet
Rotuman Kanapu A kind of seabird Borrowed
Rotuman Kaniva The Milky Way Borrowed
Rotuman Kanoni Place something underneath something to prevent it from touching surface on which it rests Borrowed
Rotuman ʔApe/a A giant taro
Rotuman Kapu To cover Borrowed
Rotuman Kapu Hug, embrace Problematic
Rotuman ʔAsi Cockle; shell much used for scraping
Rotuman Kasa Small roof timbers Borrowed
Rotuman Kaskasa Kind of yam . Borrowed
Rotuman ʔAfaha Frigate-bird
Rotuman Katea Canoe as distinguished from outrigger . Borrowed
Rotuman ʔAfo Basket
Rotuman ʔA/takoa/ All, whole, completely Problematic
Rotuman Katoʔa Hundred fish Problematic
Rotuman Kau To wade, especially on the rocks Borrowed
Rotuman Kau Company, band Borrowed
Rotuman Kau Stalk, stem Borrowed
Rotuman Kauta Hibiscus Borrowed
Rotuman Kauvaka Crew Borrowed
Rotuman Kava Shrub sp. (P. methysticum) and drink made from it Borrowed
Rotuman Kav/kava A kind of fish Borrowed
Rotuman Kave Fasten on with straps Borrowed
Rotuman Kavei Take as a mark to steer by Borrowed
Rotuman ʔAviʔi Small, whitish, very common crab
Rotuman ʔAe/a Second person singular cardinal pronoun Problematic
Rotuman Fe/ke Angry, annoyed, vexed Borrowed
Rotuman Kef/kefu Dust, powder Borrowed
Rotuman Kekesi Kind of shellfish Borrowed
Rotuman Kele Black, tending towards black Problematic
Rotuman Kermutu Earthworm Borrowed
Rotuman Kemo To blink Borrowed
Rotuman ʔEfe Belly
Rotuman Kesu Scratch in earth (of fowls) Problematic
Rotuman Keu Push Borrowed
Rotuman Kiata Joist (of house), outrigger boom Borrowed
Rotuman Kiakia Pandanus sp. Problematic
Rotuman ʔUli Skin
Rotuman ʔAmi We (plural, exclusive)
Rotuman ʔIni Pinch (off)
Rotuman ʔIta One, oneself (1st personal singular cardinal pronoun) Problematic
Rotuman ʔÄe/a You (2nd pers. sing)
Rotuman ʔOi Scrape or grate
Rotuman Koʔiro Small sea-snake with transverse stripes Problematic
Rotuman ʔOʔo Broody (of a hen)
Rotuman Koa Thick (of liquids); dregs, sediment . Borrowed