Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan Ngahele Move slowly and noiselessly; creep, crawl
Tongan Ngaakau Intestines
Tongan Ngako Fat (grease)
Tongan Ngala Cry loudly, howl
Tongan Ngali Nibble, chew, gnaw, as a rat
Tongan Ngali Be seemly, suitable, fitting
Tongan Ngali/ngali Look as if, look like, seem, be likely
Tongan Ngalo Sink (e.g. into one's flesh); to submerge, to disappear or pass completely under the surface (e.g. of a diver or a submarine; to disappear from sight...from thought or memory; to be forgotten, tp be lost
Tongan Ngalu Wave n
Tongan Ngalu Make a rattling noise when breathing (Cwd)
Tongan Ngaalue/lue Wobbly, unsteady
Tongan Ngaaue To work
Tongan Ngoue To work at gardening; gardening, agriculture; garden
Tongan Ngalulu To shake or quake
Tongan Ngana Fitting or appropriate or all right for the person specified, though not for others Problematic
Tongan Ngano Bright and healthy (of the skin) Problematic
Tongan Ngana/nganaiiki (Of sound) faint, only just audible
Tongan Ngao Molar tooth
Tongan Ngaofe Curved, bent in curve
Tongan Gaogao To have few people (a place or building), to be few (of people)
Tongan Ngaohaʔa Littered with garbage
Tongan Ngaaoʔi To persist in doing something (in spite of prohibition or difficulty, etc.)
Tongan Ngaohi, ngaahi Make, construct, build, manufacture; do, attend to, handle, treat, deal with, manipulate, manage, work, mend, repair, prepare; meddle with; ill-treat, attack physically
Tongan Ngahau Arrow
Tongan Ngahe Tree sp.
Tongan Ngahengahe/a To feel weak and nervy, esp. after an illness; to be exhausted or overwrought
Tongan Ngahehe (Make) rustling/swishing sound
Tongan Ngaholo Sail swiftly (of clouds/boats)
Tongan Ngaolo To crawl or climb on the stomach Problematic
Tongan Ngahu Bush that grows on beach (Scaevola sp.)
Tongan Ngata Snake
Tongan Ngata Come to an end, terminate
Tongan -ngataʔa Difficult
Tongan Ngatae Tree sp. (Erythrina indica)
Tongan Fe/ngatali/aki Rickety, to be
Tongan Ngatata Rattle, jingle, clink or clatter
Tongan Ngatete(tete) Tremble, shiver, quake
Tongan Ngaʔasi Shell, husk, pod, empty container
Tongan Ngeʔesi ʔulu One's skull
Tongan Ngatolo Move or creep along silently or stealthily
Tongan Ngatu Barkcloth
Tongan Ngau Gnaw, chew (e.g. sugar-cane) in order to extract the juice
Tongan Ngaue Move, make a movement, budge
Tongan Ngaavai/vai Feeble, infirm
Tongan Ngeʔe/ngeʔe Flabbily fat
Tongan Ngeli Monkey, ape
Tongan Ngehe/ngehe Cool off (of sun) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan Ngesi Smooth, not wrinkled (of the skin) Problematic
Tongan Gesi Unidentified tree with very hard wood used for making drums. (Manilkara dissecta) (Whr).
Tongan Ngii Whimper