Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan Fonu Turtle
Tongan Foha Son
Tongan Foha Grow large tubers, good crop of tubers, bulb, tuber
Tongan Fota Massage by squeezing
Tongan Foto Barb of stingray
Tongan Fotu Appear
Tongan Foʔou New
Tongan Fuu(fuu) Clap hand crosswise so as to make a hollow sound
Tongan Fu/fuu Hide, conceal
Tongan Fuʔu Complete tree or plant
Tongan Fua Weigh, measure
Tongan Fua Carry on shoulder, lift
Tongan Fua Fruit
Tongan Fua Preposed adv. first before other things Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan Fua Gather seaweed or jellyfish from the sea
Tongan Fuaʔa Jealous
Tongan Fuofua First, before other things; preposed adverb
Tongan Fuofua Pimple
Tongan Fua Kind of fish similar to kanahe but rounder in cross-section
Tongan Fuʔo/fuʔanga/ Pumice
Tongan Fue Fly-whisk, whisk (v.)
Tongan Funga Top, surface (Upper)
Tongan Fuhi Bunch, cluster
Tongan Fui/fui Flock (of birds, bats) Phonologically Irregular
Tongan Fuhu Shellfish (conical)
Tongan Fuʔi/fuʔi/ Put water on, douse
Tongan Fuko/fuka/ Cut hair
Tongan Fuke Uncover
Tongan Hula (To perform a) Hawaiian dance Problematic
Tongan Fue/fue Tail and rump of a roast pig
Tongan Fuli Turn (round or over)
Tongan Fuli pee All
Tongan Fulituʔa To turn one's back on
Tongan (Fu)fulu To wash or scrub
Tongan Fulufulu Hair, feather
Tongan Fuuna/ki Secretly
Tongan (Funo)funa Moult
Tongan Fune/funeʔi mei Bustard Quail chick
Tongan Fuhi To hang up (esp. a bunch of bananas); to hang and carry over one’s shoulder
Tongan Fuhu/i Box v
Tongan Fute Struggle, jump convulsively
Tongan Fusi Pluck, pull up/out
Tongan Fusi Banana
Tongan -nga Gerundive suffix
Tongan Ngaa Pant, struggle for breath (as with asthma)
Tongan Ngaa/hi The commonest of the plural signs; used with things, relatives, friends, enemies, gods, kings, collective nouns, classes, bunches
Tongan Ngafa Share of work, length or section of tapa cloth
Tongan Ngafingafi Kind of fine mat
Tongan Ngofua Allowed, permitted, permissible, not prohibited
Tongan Ngahaha(haha) Rustle (silk dress, leaves etc.)