Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan V/aku/ Dig up, unearth, scrape away dirt from, scratch, scrape
Tongan ʔAa Awake
Tongan ʔAaʔaa Wakeful
Tongan ʔAafia To keep watch beside a corpse
Tongan Alanga Thigh, upper part of leg (of humans, birds, animals
Tongan Alanga Mast, sails, oars, tackle (of boat)
Tongan Alasi Touch or meddle with
Tongan ʔAlava Shark sp
Tongan ʔElelo Tongue
Tongan Ali Flatfish, flounder
Tongan Ali Naturally beardless (of man's face) Phonologically Irregular
Tongan ʔA/ʔali So clear that fish can see those trying to catch them
Tongan ʔEiki Chief
Tongan ʔElili Univalve shellfish with "cat's eye" operculum
Tongan ʔElito Core (of boil), heart, essence, kernel
Tongan ʔAlo Lower part, belly (of a fish)
Tongan ʔAlo/fi Paddle, row
Tongan ʔAo Front, especially of a person
Tongan ʔOfa Love, kind to, to be
Tongan ʔAlo/ʔofa Love, pity, compassion (honorific for qofa)
Tongan Siʔoto ʔofa atu General greeting...
Tongan ʔAofi vaʔe Sole of foot
Tongan ʔAlongo Zebra Surgeonfish (Acanthurus lineatus)
Tongan Alongo A fish
Tongan Olopoʔou First child (of woman), primaparae
Tongan ʔOlunga Place or space above
Tongan ʔOlunga Headrest, pillow
Tongan ʔAmanaki Expect, hope, look forward to
Tongan Ami Crab and lobster roe
Tongan Fakaʔaa/ʔaamio/ Twisted, wriggle out of something
Tongan Amo Stroke with palm of hand
Tongan Ha/ʔamo/ Carry on a stick over shoulder
Tongan ʔAmusia Be such as one naturally envies
Tongan ʔAna Cave
Tongan ʔAne/efiafi This afternoon (said after dark) or yesterday afternoon (said next morning)
Tongan ʔAne/hoʔataa At noon today (said in the afternoon or evening) or at noon yesterday (said next morning)
Tongan ʔAne/uhu This morning (said at noon or later)
Tongan ʔAne/heafi The day before yesterday
Tongan ʔAnefee When? (past)
Tongan ʔAneafi Yesterday
Tongan ʔAnepoo Last night
Tongan ʔAnepongipongi This morning (said at noon or later) (rare)
Tongan Ane Moth, or more strictly its larva, that eats holes in clothes, etc.; also applied to silverfish
Tongan Ane/a Moth-eaten
Tongan ʔAnoiha The day after tomorrow
Tongan ʔA/ʔanu To spit
Tongan ʔAnu/hi Spit on
Tongan Ao A turban, especially one worn in war for protection, or by a champion as a symbol of his chamionship
Tongan Aoao To bind round and round
Tongan ʔAo Cloud